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Every online store is unique in its own way. Creating a celebrated fashion store requires impressive products on sale. No fashion store can scale and compete by selling mediocre products. With the increasing competition in the ecommerce industry, it is essential to let the people know the reason to choose your store over the others in the market. Additionally, even though you have incredible products to be sold in your online store if your website is not given the grooming it needs, you will surely drive away your shoppers. The factors that make your online fashion store have a great impact on the success of your business. One such factor is the pages that are included in your online fashion store.

The pages ideally convey the information regarding your store to your potential customers. The details can include right from the history of your company to the shipping and delivery methods used in your store. As a store owner, you must make sure that you include all the necessary pages in your online store. Here are a few essential pages that we think, you must include in your fashion ecommerce store to build a strong online presence. Whether you already own an online store or are planning to create a new one, these ideas are sure proof helping you!

Must-have pages for your online fashion store

The ‘About Us’ page

The increasing competition in the fashion world, as well as the ecommerce industry, demands a unique delivery in order to stand out from the rest. Online shoppers do not presser shopping from stores offering products at low prices, unique designs, or high-quality material. Today, online shoppers look for the fashion store with which they can connect – the one that has something to tell. If you are a fashion store owner and you are not sharing your personal success story for your brand, you are leaving behind a chance to connect with your potential customers. Dues to such reasons, you must make sure that your fashion store must have an ‘About Us’ page. The length, the content, and the name of the page can be as per your preference.

Things to include:

  1. History of your company that includes the who’s, when’s, and where’s
  2. The story behind your company that inspired you to start the business
  3. Your mission behind starting the company
  4. What sets you apart from the rest

Primarily, you must include all the underlying details of your business in the pages you add to your online fashion store. It should let your potential customers know everything about your business. Once they build trust in your store and make their purchase, these details will help them market your store to their near and dear ones online as well as offline. In the fashion world, you need to let your potential customers know how different is your store and why should they choose you over thousands in the market. You need to genuinely build a connection with your potential customers. You must share such stories that you want your customers to share every time they are using your product.

The product specifications page

The products specifications play an important role in bringing a product from store to cart and cart to home. The major drawback of online fashion store is that customers are not able to try or check the details of the product. In the case of apparels, your size may vary from brand to brand. If you wish to provide the best shopping experience for your customers, you need to provide even the minute specifications of the product. It shall help your customers in choosing the right fit for them and eliminate the hassles of returning the products due to size failure.

The best move is to add the size chart you follow for your products that can help your customers find the size that’ll suit them the best. When you create a separate page for size specifications, your shoppers get a broad view of the product size and pick the one that will be perfect for them. Providing your customers with the resources to use in case of queries or concerns is what your customers need from an online fashion store.

The returns and exchange pages

Although you need to put all the possible efforts to reduce the number of product returns and exchange, you must provide the facility to your customers. In case your customers are not satisfied with the product they purchased, they should be able to return or exchange the same. No matter how much information you provide for your products, the chances of your customers wanting to return any product remains. Whether they are not satisfied with the size of the product, the color, or whether they changed their mind when the product was out for delivery, they must be able to exchange it.

Providing your exchange and returns details in an easy-to-understand language at an easy-to-view place can help your customers get the details of the same and rest assured that they have the option for the same. Since your products cannot be tried and tested before purchasing, the return and exchange policy is mandatory; especially when it comes to online fashion stores. Your customers must know how to exchange or return any purchased product before even they purchase it.

You can also add the option for the refund policy if applicable to your store terms and conditions. Also, you need to let them know in what conditions will they need to pay charges for the order and what will be the terms and conditions for the same – all this before they purchase the product. Most importantly, your potential customers must know all your selling policies before they choose to purchase products from your online fashion store. You must provide them with the necessary contact details in case they wish to contact your store in case of any emergencies or queries regarding the refund, return, or exchange.

The shipping and delivery details page

Your customers when ordering from your online store must exactly know by what date will they receive their order and how will the product reach them. Some customers do not confirm the order unless they find that the product is delivered to them within a specific time. For instance, shoppers who are looking for apparel, accessories, and sandals for an occasion would in no case entertain a delayed delivery for their order. If they do not get the time within which they’ll be delivered with their order, they will soon go back and look for better alternatives.

Things to include:

  1. The turnaround time for orders placed in your store which means the speed at which you deliver the products once the order is placed at your store
  2. The shipping method that is used in your store or that is provided to your customers
  3. Time consumed by the used shipping method

These data will help your customers get the complete idea of the order they placed. It is especially useful for customers who are in a hurry. You can also include the contact details in case your customers wish to contact you in case of any queries or emergencies. You must value your customers’ time and so will they for your fashion store over all the others in the market.

Blog page

A blog is a must for every online fashion store, just as for any other ecommerce store. Blogs help you in providing your potential customers with recommendations, knowledge, and gain trust through the same. Once you gain your customer’s trust, they will confidently continue to purchase products from your fashion store. Giving your customers with resources to stay updated on the fashion world help to entice your customers to your store and prompts them, to purchase products from your store.

In a nutshell

Your online fashion store represents your brand. You need to create a strong online presence in order to scale your business with the utmost efficiency. Apart from all these crucial pages, you must make sure that the design of your online store perfectly defines your brand. When you design a store using Builderfly, you get to avail perks such as ready-to-use templates and themes, in-built and separate design editor for mobile app builder and store builder, on-page optimization, and much more. You have the power to design the face of your fashion store with Builderfly.

Running a successful online store in the highly competitive market requires top-notch products, a well-designed store, the right pages, and all the required details & specifications. If you are starting to create your online fashion store, comparing the current trends online and the competitor’s work can help you deliver a unique concept to your customers. Customers are looking for a unique concept with every passing day in the fashion industry. If you are providing the same; standing apart from the rest of the flock, you can make sure that customers will be choosing your fashion over others. After all, uniqueness is the most pursued concept in terms of fashion.