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“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” – Harriet Tubman

From hundreds and thousands of dreams and ideas, there will be this one idea, for which you are madly passionate. And we don’t want you to sacrifice that idea, live that one idea just in a way you always wanted to.

We know there are a lot many things in a business that seems intriguing, but we can streamline the process for you. With Builderfly you can create your eCommerce store in less than 10 minutes and that too without any technical knowledge.

Not sure about the kind of business tools that can actually help you? Don’t worry, just register your business with Builderfly for free, and get access to a 14-day free trial.

In your trial period, you will get access to all the below listed Builderfly tools, and this way you can select the right business plan for your store. It’s time to explore the extraordinary tools that Builderfly arms you with. These tools can actually help you build your business from scratch.

Builderfly Theme Store

Builderfly Theme store, Theme store

Once you have your business registered, you get the basic store that you were looking for. But, that’s not an appropriate manner to present your business.

At Builderfly theme store, we enable you to access hundreds of customized eCommerce themes for your store. So, giving a stunning look to your store will turn as easy as selecting wallpaper for your smartphone.

Multiple options invite a lot of confusion. If you are looking forward to opening a fashion store, a theme of the shoe store surely can’t serve you. We know, this can be really confusing for you, and that’s why we have divided the themes as per the industry verticals.

Select your business theme

You just need to choose your business industry, and you will get access to all the themes that can be a good fit for your store. If you want to get additional functionality or access to the source code, you can purchase the paid themes also.

You name the business idea, and we have a theme ready for you at the Builderfly theme store.

Builderfly Store Builder

Builderfly Store Builder, Build your store

Whatever the image or the color you get in your store’s theme, it is already in Builderfly, by default. Do you want to change it as per your choice? Probably, yes. And, don’t worry you need not to be a coder for the same.

Builderfly store builder enables you to customize your store without any technical knowledge. With our easy-to-use design editor, you can personalize your eCommerce store as per your choice. Our intuitive tool offers you full control over your store designing.

  • Editable templates: You may want to add/remove certain options or want to change the design of your header and footer; you can do it. We have editable design templates for every section of your theme. Just select the one you want to add.

  • Background: Irrespective of the theme you chose, if you want to change the background of your store or want to replace the white space with some images, you can do it. You will find a collection of free images from which you can choose the background. If you want to go with the color theme, you can select the custom ones as per your need.

  • Policy pages: We know building policy pages and terms of use is such a headache. But, we already have them ready for your business. You can access them from the list of pages and can edit it as and when required.

  • Assign staff roles: In your Builderfly store, you can enable selective access to your staff based upon their department. As an admin, you have full access, but you can manage your staff accounts as per your choice.


There is a lot of content you will be adding to your eCommerce store. The majority of this content will be related to your product catalog. With inbuilt CMS, you can create, edit and manage the static as well as dynamic content of your eCommerce store easily. You can change the arrangement of the product within the pages just by moving the product listings between them.

  • List unlimited: You can list unlimited products on your Builderfly store. You can get it arranged as per the listing variations you wanted to add.

  • Grow with SEO: We know that your business needs greater visibility and we have all such options integrated into our store builder. You can make your product listing SEO friendly to improve the visibility scope of your business.

  • Product display: We don’t want your listings to look static, you can choose the type of product display you want. If you want to emphasize image, go with the further listing. If you want to focus more on the content, you can choose the postcard sort of display. It’s entirely your choice.

  • Custom Listings: In your Builderfly store, you can add custom made listings as well. This will improve your customer-base of the people looking for personalized products only. You can attract more of such customers by promoting your products via email marketing for your existing customers.

  • Add gift cards: You can add the gift cards to personalize your user experience. This way, they can filter exactly in a manner they want to serve the customer.

Builderfly App Builder: Leverage the Power of AI

Builderfly Mobile App, eCommerce mobile Apps

Your customers are everywhere, especially they are available on all mobile devices. So, why aren’t you there? You and your business should have access to all the places where your customers exist. We know that it’s tough for you to plan eCommerce app for your business, especially when you are launching your startup.

We know your requirement and we are ready to get you there. With Builderfly app builder, you can design your own m-commerce app for free.

All you need to do is- Build, design and launch.

Designing your m-commerce app is a similar experience for you, like that of building your Builderfly store.

  • Customizable themes: Your store app need not to have the same look as that of your web-store. We have 50+ easily customizable themes for your m-commerce app as well. You can offer an entirely distinct look to your m-commerce app.

  • Hide/show listings: When you have your products already listed on the site, you don’t have to update them individually in your application’s database. You can hide/show the product listings per the choice. This saves your additional time of inventory listing for your mobile app.

  • Real-time offers: Your Builderfly m-commerce app tracks the real-time user behavior. You can leverage the power of AI and can give a real-time offer to your customers based upon their search pattern or whatever is trending the market. For example: if your customer searched the same product for thrice, you can offer a 5% off to that product. These offers and promos often change from customer to customer.

Personalized Builderfly Store App

Create AI powered mobile apps with Builderfly, Create AI-Powered eCommerce apps

The best thing about an online business is; it doesn’t stop irrespective of your presence at the place. We also don’t want you to bind to the screens. With a personalized seller app, you can track your daily business activities wherever you go.

Your seller app is distinct from that of your m-commerce app. Consider this seller app as the version of your eCommerce store manager. Though, it’s quite tough to build your store in the small screens, so you can’t build your store from here. But, you can:

  • Manage your inventory: If you want to upload any product, you can do so from your seller application. This reduces your time to switch to the devices, every now and then.
  • Track your business activities: From your seller app, you can keep an eye on your storefront changes and daily business conduction. You can download the invoices and shipping labels for all of your orders in a single go.
  • Manage the staff accounts: You can manage your staff accounts from your Builderfly seller app. In case, you want to change the account access or want to upgrade, you can make it happen from the staff accounts panel.

In addition to the above features, there are many more that can be profitable for your business.

Builderfly Collaboration

Builderfly multichannel selling, Sell on marketplaces with Builderfly

You must never put all of your eggs in a single basket.

That’s the same case with the e-commerce store also. You never know which platform can offer greater exposure to your business, especially in the beginning. So, probably you are selling on other eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, or even at Google market place.

Managing your inventory at these many places can be really tiresome for you. Builderfly collaboration tool enables you to integrate all of your marketplaces at our store.

  • Manage your inventory: After integrating your store, you can manage all of your inventory through a single seller panel.

  • Manage your orders: When you get the orders in bulk, you don’t have to switch between the windows. You can acquire easy access to all of your orders on your Builderfly storefront. This makes managing your orders and invoices easier for your business.

  • Manage your customers: You can acquire easy access to all of your customers, from all of your selling portals. Want to add new ones? Well, you can do that too!

Builderfly Marketing

Online marketing tools on Builderfly, Builderfly Marketing tools

You have just established your business, obviously, you need an amazing marketing strategy that can grow your brand value. In your Builderfly store, you have different marketing tools integrated for your business. Some of them are:

  • Builderfly Analytics: Before making any marketing strategy, you need to know about your customers. With Builderfly analytics, you get a better idea of your target audience and real-time analysis can help you in a better way. With integrated Google analytics, you need not shuffle the screens and can check out the best demographic details.

  • Business Reports: Builderfly offers ease of access to your business reports. This helps you understand your business requirements and milestones attained. You can get product wise report, as well as tenure-wise sales, report that you can download easily. This improvises your business understanding and helps you in creating your goals.

  • Builderfly Newsletters: Email marketing is one of the renowned e-commerce marketing tactics and Builderfly has it integrated for you. In your storefront, you will get access to numerous newsletter templates, that you can use later for marketing purposes. Our ready to customize templates, make it easier for you to communicate with your customers without additional efforts.

  • Promotions & discounts: You can offer seasonal promotions on your products. You can offer a special 10% discount for your new customers or can promote a particular product based on the season.

This was a brief overview of the Builderfly SaaS ecommerce platform that can help you set up your business from scratch. There are so many micros as well as macro features that can help with deep insights, for that you can stay tuned to our in-depth technical blogs.

For now, let’s go ahead with creating your storefront with all these amazing Builderfly tools.

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