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Every customer wishes for a great shopping experience. Personalized attention in brick and mortar stores makes customers feel more valuable and eventually enhances the customer experience greatly. Similarly, a personalized online store can drive more customers as compared to the ones that are not. Researchers suggest that customers prefer shopping from online stores that offer them relevant products as compared to the stores wherein they need to search for the products every time they visit the store. Personalization of online stores builds a loyal customer base improving the customer’s shopping experience which in turn brings in high conversion rates.

Why should you personalize your products?

Personalization brings in more conversion rates and business revenue. Customers may get frustrated if they do not get a personalized search result or recommendations page and would prefer other competitor sites for a great shopping experience. You can start the process by starting to personalize with sending emails to your potential customers or visitors with their names and relevant shopping ideas. Personalization significantly decreases the rate of abandoned carts by increasing the efficiency of the customer’s shopping experience. Targeted sales help your customers in finding the products you intend to sell easily without complicated navigation. Ecommerce personalization is a vast sector that includes website personalization as well. However, personalizing the products can help your store in enhancing the customer experience two-fold.

Clever ways to personalize your products

Product packaging

Offering your customers the option to gift wrap or pack the product is one of the easiest yet best ways to personalize your products. You can also add options such as gift bags, additional wrapping papers, gift boxes, and such. It will give the customer more reasons to purchase products from your store.

Temporary Personalization

Adding temporary personalization options is best suited for customers who do not look for long-lasting personalized products and prefer a change. Temporary personalization includes adding stickers, decals, etc. Your customers can choose to add one or multiple personalized options while purchasing their products.

Color customization

Irrespective of the products you sell, if you offer your customers with personalizing the products they wish to purchase with different colors. Getting more options for personalization can bring in different types of customers to your online store; hence increasing the sales and the business revenue.

Some perks of personalizing ecommerce products include getting complete customer satisfaction which in turn brings in more customers via online and offline referencing. You can easily get the contact details shared by the customers in turn of the personalized experience. If you are not a technical expert, you can even integrate personalization tools that take care of the complete personalization and management of the products as well as the complete ecommerce store. If you use cookies and personalized email strategy can add to the perks of your online sales. Personalizing your marketing strategies can help you reach billions of online shoppers at once and establish a strong presence with increased sales and enhanced business revenue.

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