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The world of ecommerce is relentless and staggeringly competitive. One just can’t go and make a major and growing marketplace with a sheer force of will and relentlessness. It requires some time to make it happen and even your absolute first sale takes a considerable journey.

While it is difficult to pin down the exact formula of making your very first ecommerce sale — it is possible to nail down what should be in the establishment that will give the environment in which the sales will be empowered and nurtured.

Here are 5 different ways to make your first eCommerce sale.

Use innovative content marketing strategies.

Content marketing no longer just means that you start a blog and proceed with your life. New tech surrounding content marketing is popping up each day.

For example, a company named VendViva is using a technology that enables a retailer to make transactional articles wherein readers can buy your products directly from the article. A service like VendViva writes an article for you, places it with a proper publisher, and just charges a commission once you start making sales. That implies that at the very least, you get free PR to your audience, and in the most ideal situation, you get so many, new customers.

Consider Affiliate Marketing

More than 81% of brands use affiliate marketing. It allows commissions for marketing another company’s products. In other words, you pay somebody for every visitor or customer brought to your website by the affiliate’s advertising efforts.

You may partner with bloggers or other organizations from your industry. For instance, you can provide your partners with extraordinary banners that link to your store. They can even put your whole store on their websites. The advantage is that you promote your products just too interested individuals and pay just when you get results.

Utilize Social Media as a storefront

It is not a big secret that social media are amongst the places where most of the target audience casually hang out. Thus, it is a decent method of presenting what you bring to the table in a convenient manner.

As per WooCommerce’s study, social media as a makeshift storefront got numerous advantages. First of all, it is a fairly unconventional way of showcasing the products to the customer. The thing is — “stumble upon” factor is a thing of extraordinary power whenever done right. With a little help of native and paid ads — it might essentially increase exposure to the product and even influence some potential customers to make a purchase.

Although that is certainly not a strong guarantee — your brand will get exposure points anyway and that will strengthen its presence in the target audiences news feeds.

Use Blogging to expose various products

Another great method of exposing your target audience to a variety of products they had no clue they needed is via your blog. It is helpful on different levels.

On one hand, you have a steady stream of content that can be optimized to the moon and will keep the presence in the search indexes and social media.

On the other hand, you can give some really helpful data to the customers.

There are a few types of content you can deliver:

  • Frequently asked questions about certain products;
  • How-to choose something or accomplish something articles;
  • The Best Products of the specific category;

A similar trick can be pulled off with an email newsletter. However, in this situation, you have to remember that overbearing can move targeted customers away from your marketplace.

Try promo-codes and discounts

Everybody cherishes free stuff and discounts. It is one of those little tricks that always work since everybody needs to get more for less. Obviously, it is extremely effective to induce the sales of the targeted products.

Discounts and Promo codes are something everyone prefers somehow. There is an entire category of customers on the chase for each possible promo and discount code out there. Ideally, there are many websites like RedFlagDeals and RetailMeNot that aggregate various coupon codes and assemble impressive audiences in the process. So why not uncover your product line in such a crowded place?

On the other hand, you can utilize different contests for freebies and giveaways as a way to draw the audience into looking for more. However, it is critical to keep the entire freebie thing within reasonable boundaries because otherwise, you may get an audience who simply need to collect their freebies and move on.


These are the best ways of guaranteeing your first ecommerce sale and ensuring that it won’t be the last. However, it is important to note that this advice is of no use whenever applied sparingly without a specific focused. Such things work best in a consolidated effort and it is important to realize what goals you are going for. To remain competitive, ecommerce sellers need to remain updated with the trends online shopping has together with the ecommerce trends data worldwide.

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