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Builderfly is a do-it-yourself platform for individuals, retailers, manufacturers and everyone who wishes to sell products online. You can create an online store, add products, choose templates, upload pictures, process orders, create pages, offer discount coupons, build powerful mobile application, sell everything online at one platform, get tips to grow business, and manage the online store from anywhere around the globe. The numerous advanced shipping options available with Builderfly are a cherry on the cake.

Shipping Methods in Builderfly

  1. Flat Rate: Flat Rate Shipping is a delivery strategy that can be added to shipping zones. It is a delivery technique that permits you to characterize a standard rate for every product, per shipping class or per order.
  2. Table Rates: Table Rate Shipping makes it workable for you to make complex principles for delivery your items around the world. You can characterize different rates dependent on the item’s goal, have numerous rates per zone, and include rules-based item weight, number of products, shipping class and cost.
  3. Free Shipping: Free shipping is an incredible method to urge clients to spend more. It is a way to encourage customers to buy more when they spend a certain amount by shipping them those products for free.
  4. UPS: UPS Shipping Method permits you to get shipping rates from the UPS API. It necessitates that your server utilizes SimpleXML. The augmentation essentially works with measurements in Inches and weight in Pounds, yet different units can be changed over naturally. Restored rates’ money depends on starting point nation in the delivery case setting. UPS can figure cites for both domestic and universal packages.
  5. USPS: The USPS shipping technique helps in indicating your clients the exact shipping rates consequently with our USPS integration, the biggest shipping method in the United States.
  6. FedEx: FedEx helps in calculating quotes from all over the world. It handles domestic as well as international parcels.
  7. DHL: DHL Parcel and DHL ecommerce gives standard domestic and worldwide parcel, shipping and return answers for business clients and buyers just as ecommerce coordination and assistance services.

From all the shipping methods mentioned above, you need to note that the first three shipping methods, viz. Flat Rate, Table Rates, and Free Shipping are the in-built shipping options from Builderfly and the rest of the shipping methods, viz. UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL are integrated shipping methods. The major difference between the in-built and the integrated shipping method is that you are restricted from tracking your orders while using the inbuilt shipping methods. In this article, we will majorly focus on one of the integrated shipping method, i.e., the USPS shipping.

shipping methods

USPS Shipping Method

Builderfly not only states that its customers can sell online anywhere in the world, but it also offers the required payment as well as shipment facilities for the same. One such shipment option is the USPS or the United States Postal Service shipping. This shipping method, as the name suggests, is only for users in the US. It is an integrated shipment for all Builderfly users who sell or ship online to the US. The generic definition of the USPS is as follows:

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is an independent organization of the official branch of the United States central government answerable for offering postal support in the United States, including its isolated regions and related states. It is one of the handful government offices expressly approved by the Constitution of the United States.

As Builderfly users, you do not need to separately integrate the USPS shipping method. If your delivery location or shipping location is set to the US, you will automatically get this shipping option. You can show the accurate shipping details using the USPS shipping method. However, you should make sure that your store supports US dollars.

Benefits of USPS Shipping Method

  1. Capacity to print customized postage by transferring pictures to the custom postage supplier and the supplier makes the postage and sends it back to the client via mail.
  2. Decreased number of to the Post Office™ visits.
  3. Capacity to print mail and bundle names from one area.
  4. Customized postage.
  5. The least expensive choice for small packages.
  6. Conveys to post boxes and PO boxes.
  7. Offers free pickup service.
  8. Free supplies for express shipments and priority shipments.
  9. Free shipment pickups.
  10. Free insurance for shipments.
  11. The facility of USPS tracking.

How to integrate the USPS Shipping method in Builderfly store?

If you are a Builderfly user with the US shipping or delivery address, you can choose the USPS shipping method. However, you must have a user account in USPS before choosing this shipping method. Below are the steps to be followed:

  1. Log in to your Builderfly store and click on the ‘Manage Store’ tab.
  2. On the ‘Navigation Bar’, click on the ‘Settings’ tab at the bottom left.
  3. Click on the ‘Shipping tab and choose the USPS shipping method.
  4. Enter your USPS user ID and password and make the necessary customization for your shipment.
  5. Click on the ‘Save’ button.

When you checkout from the cart and choose the USPS shipping method, all the customized selections will be considered for your shipment.

how to choose the usps shipping method

What are the customization options available in Builderfly for USPS shipping method?

Below are the customization options available with Builderfly for your ease of use:

  1. Choose to enable or disable the shipping option in the checkout.
  2. View the gateway URL.
  3. View the secure gateway URL.
  4. Change the title of the shipping method.
  5. Enter the user ID.
  6. Enter the password.
  7. Change the mode of shipment.
  8. Change the package request type.
  9. Change the container of the shipment.
  10. Change the size of the shipment.
  11. Select the shipment is machinable.
  12. Enter the maximum package weight.
  13. Calculate the handling fee.
  14. Choose the mode of handling applied.
  15. Select the allowed shipment methods.
  16. Choose the free method.
  17. Enter the minimum order amount for free shipping.
  18. Enter the error message to be displayed.
  19. Choose the countries applicable to the shipment.
  20. Select the countries for a specific shipment.
  21. Enable or disable the debug mode to show debugging info during checkout.
  22. Display or hide the method if not applicable.
  23. Enter the Sort Order.
  24. Enable or disable the free shipping with a minimum order amount.

custom USPS shipping integration in your Builderfly store

Requirements for using the USPS shipping method

In order to use USPS as your shipping option, there are a few requirements you must meet. Below are the three major requirements to use USPS as a shipping method in your ecommerce store:

  1. The base nation must be the United States, Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands
  2. The server must have SimpleXML introduced. Check with your facilitating organization in case you’re uncertain
  3. Your store must utilize US Dollars as its money

Why think about USPS?

Before choosing the USPS shipping  method, you should know the reasons to use the method. Here are a few major reasons to consider USPS Shipping integration:

Better Packaging:

Among all other delivery transporters, just USPS gives free flat rate boxes. Builderfly storekeepers can essentially have them conveyed to their area to begin transporting. Loose fill bundling and padding material despite everything should be bought.

Cost Effectiveness:

USPS offers quality transportation administrations at an extraordinary cost. Incorporating USPS Shipping can help in diminishing delivery costs altogether. For Builderfly stores particularly, utilizing USPS Flat rate boxes can be gainful in reducing down expenses.


USPS is the main transportation bearer that is approved to convey packages to post boxes and p.o. boxes. Also, USPS doesn’t leave packages however re-endeavors delivery to hand it over to the client. This can decrease cases of misrepresentation and missing packages. In addition, USPS shipments are ensured by United States laws. This can be a further obstacle for package robbery and extortion.

Shipment Tracking:

Empower or incapacitate shipment USPS shipment following for your clients. At the point when the shipping names are created, the tracking numbers are provided from USPS. This is added to the order notes and will be sent as a feature of the order fruition email.

United Stated Postal Service (USPS) is one of the biggest delivery transporters in the United States. It is a free organization of the United States government answerable for offering postal assistance in the United States, including its separate territories and related states. It is one of the few government organizations unequivocally approved by the United States Constitution. USPS® standard and expedited delivery administrations permit you to pick conveyance choices that fit your needs. USPS Shipping is an exceptional strategy that sources shipping rates from the USPS API. USPS can figure residential as well as global package rates. The most practical approach to transport by means of USPS will at last rely upon what you are delivering and the administrations that your clients’ and delivery stage request.

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