E-marketing and Ecommerce

What are E-marketing and Ecommerce? – A Complete Guide

E-marketing implies any kind of marketing facilitated online via websites, online stores, and other online tools. Whereas, Ecommerce is a type of online business that involves commercial transactions, information exchange, and business transactions through a wide network using the internet.

Though both relate to each other in the digital world, they have distinct applications. E-marketing supports the growth of ecommerce, and you can take your online business by storm with Builderfly implementing the right e-marketing strategies. So go digital with Builderfly and let ecommerce & e-marketing do wonders for your business.

What Is E-Commerce? How Builderfly Can Help You Start With E-Commerce?

Ecommerce/ Electronic Commerce

Ecommerce, also known as electronic commerce, is a medium that facilitates buying and selling of online products and services using an electronic medium –the internet. Since the inception of the internet, the number of trade and transactions fulfilled has increased exponentially.

Ecommerce Business Models

Depending upon your end customers, you can start your online business with Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), Consumer to Business (C2B) and Consumer to Consumer (C2C) types of ecommerce business to influence the shopping interests of the online shoppers.

Launch Your Online Store For Free

You can start your ecommerce business with Builderfly for FREE. Design your online store, personalize it as per your brand’s story, and start selling online now at zero investments. Use our interactive design editor to add personal touch to your business.

Go Mobile With Builderfly

Take your ecommerce business to the next level with mobile commerce. Reserve seats for your mobile shoppers launching your native mobile app with Builderfly. Launch a mobile app both for your Android & iOS mobile users within a budget of opening your ecommerce store.

Know The Benefits Of Starting An Online Store With Builderfly

Sell 24/7/365

Launch your online store with Builderfly, add your personal touch with our intuitive design editor & keep your store open 24/7. Sell your customers across the globe and see your business growing in no time.

SEO-friendly Store

People now do not need to spend days and hours finding a store that sells the products or services they require. Optimize your store for search engines and make it easy for your shoppers to find & shop from you online without any hassles.

One Management

Enhance your customer experience with improved logistics & inventory management across all of your sales channels with Builderfly one management dashboard. Our premium logistic partners, including Shyplite, FedEx, DHL, serve your customers even in remote areas at competitive pricing.

Launch your mobile app

Grab the attention of your mobile shoppers with Builderfly. Design & launch your native ecommerce app on your own and create one more touchpoint for your shoppers to connect & shop from you.

Market & scale your business

Link your multiple sales channels and boost your market reach with Builderfly. We keep all of your sales channels in sync to keep your inventory and catalog managed across channels. Promote your catalog with our in-built marketing tools & diversify your market reach.

Streamline your business operations

We get you easy access to all the tools & functionalities you need to streamline your online business. It helps you minimize your transaction costs and manage your business operations efficiently without many struggles.

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Understand The Secrets Of E-Marketing And Deploy It For Your Business With Builderfly

What is E-marketing ?

E-marketing is the practice of directing online shoppers to an ecommerce business and convincing them to invest their money in purchasing products and services online. Businesses employ this to get access to a broader target market and fulfil their customer requirements efficiently.

E-marketing channels

Online marketing channels include Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Pay-per-click (PPC) paid ad campaigning, video marketing, network marketing, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing and many others.

Start e-marketing with Builderfly

Use Builderfly marketing tools to start e-marketing for your e-tail business with zero investments. We have ready email marketing templates, dedicated blog management sections for content marketing, responsive & SEO optimization sections for web & product pages.

Grow your business network

With Builderfly’s influencer marketing channel and reseller channel, you can grow your business network and diversify your reach on the web. Sell globally and maintain an omni-channel presence of your e-tail business with Builderfly’s easy-to-use online marketing tools.

eCommerce & marketing

Power your business with the right blend of ecommerce & marketing with Builderfly!

Lay the foundation of your dream business with Builderfly. Secure your position in the digital world with the power of ecommerce and online marketing. Start selling online for FREE with Builderfly and establish your brand in this digital era!

Build Your Online Store for Free


What is role of ecommerce in marketing?

E-marketing aids an ecommerce business to create a bridge between the products and the target audience. E-marketing, also known as digital marketing, is the heart of an ecommerce business that lets businesses create a strong bond with their customers by understanding them as well as by adding values to the products sold.

What are the e-marketing channels?

Like traditional marketing, e-marketing has numerous channels with which you can approach people on the web. You can count on SEM, SEO, PPC, content marketing, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, and so on.

How can I start ecommerce with Builderfly?

Start selling online with Builderfly ecommerce and take your business beyond the horizon at zero investments. Add advanced business options as you grow & scale your business.

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