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Ecommerce and the online shopping concept is a continuously increasing trend in India. The number of online sellers and buyers is increasing at an enormous percent. According to Statista, the ecommerce revenue in India is estimated to grow up to $71 billion by 2024.

Every aspiring entrepreneur planning to start a business of their home wishes to do something unique in order to build a distinct brand in the ecommerce market.  However, in India, there already exists lakhs of online sellers, selling ‘n’ number of products, and earning decent profits from the same.

Although there are innumerable developing online sellers in India, the majority of them fail as they cannot find the right products to sell in the Indian market, based on the consumer requirements, current trends, and market value of the products.

The very first question raised by a rookie online seller is what products to sell online. With such a huge market of online retailing in India, to find what to sell and what not can become a quite weary task, especially when there is neck-to-neck competition in the market and almost every ecommerce store is following a similar strategy.

Are you someone who is looking for the right products to sell online? We believe, your answer is a big yes! Probably that’s why you are here, right? There are three major aspects for making money in online selling: being out of the box, staying vigilant, and always willing to experiment.

In this blog, we are covering things to consider before picking your product and some profitable products to sell online in India. Keep reading and level up your online selling game within a period of going through our content.

Things to Consider Before Picking your Products

Before knowing what are the right products for you to sell, first, let us have a look at the factors you must consider when choosing your products:

Find out what products are being purchased

Before being an online seller, you must know that your products must be eligible to be worthy of selling online, and for that, you need to understand what products are being purchased by the online shoppers.

Define the Existing Loopholes

Although there are many online sellers in the Indian ecommerce market, there are always chances of finding loopholes in their products or services. Conduct detailed market research and find those loopholes.

Try Solving Problems

No, we are not asking you to solve some math equations; we are asking to you solve the problems faced by your target audience with the existing ecommerce services in the market. Now that you know the loopholes of other brands, you can easily solve the issues faced by their customers can seize them to become your loyal customers.

Go for High-Profit-Margin Products

The products you choose must be of a high-profit margin; well that is your main motive behind selling online, right? Selling products that are in high demand but are not providing a decent profit margin will lead you to shut your business down, sooner or later. In this blog, we have made sure to include some highly profitable products to sell online; go on, and have a look at them!

Profitable Products to Sell Online in India

Profitable Products to Sell Online in India

Starting an online business is never becoming an outdated trend, especially when you have huge markets to purchase, such as India. Many tools, techniques, and technologies are available online to help you start selling online and survive in the highly-competitive market.

Moreover, today, you get to create an amazing online store as well as native mobile apps without being a technical genius with ready-to-use comprehensive ecommerce platforms, such as Builderfly. Now that you know how to enter the online selling market, let us jump to the profitable products you can consider to sell online in India:


The largest segment of all the comprehensive products sold in India comprises of Apparels. About 35% of the overall revenue generated from online selling in India belongs to the apparel sector. When we state apparel, it can be anything, dress materials, ready-made dresses, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, and everything that can be worn by people of all ages. The Indian market leaders in selling apparel online are Flipkart.com, Myntra.com, Voonik.com, Limeroad.com, and many more.

Electronic Products

Electronic Products

When it comes to selling online, it is known without saying that the one that stays above all are mobile phones. India’s leading ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc. have alone sold over 5 million smartphones. Other products considered as electronic products include laptops, digital cameras, power banks, or pen drive. With various advancements in the technological field, the demands for electronic products are continuously increasing, day after day. The market leaders in the Indian Ecommerce electronic industry are naaptol.com, Amazon.in, eBay.in, and homeshop18.com.

Board Games

Along with many other drastic changes becoming the new normal post-COVID, the concept of Work From Home or WFH has become one such practice. In such situations, there are chances of getting bored of the regular activities are high. Therefore, the demand for board games has significantly risen since the inception of COVID-19. These products might seem cheap, but when combined with the right marketing tactics on the right audience, the products can potentially sell as much as gold.


Purchasing books from physical stores and markets can be a tiring and time-consuming job. On the flip side, it is easy and efficient to locate and purchase from a seller across various ecommerce sites. Books can be classified into various genres and can be sold based on various factors including national and international authored books.


You can now find anything online, and we mean it. Footwear is one such popular product that is purchased by quite a lot of the population in India. People shop for footwear such as shoes, sandals, sneakers, and even slippers. Footwear for all age groups is available across many ecommerce stores online. Therefore, the demand for this product is never ceasing, at least not in India. Some of the market leaders in the footwear industry of India are crocs.com, zappos.com, jabong.com, and myntra.com.


Jewelry falls into the precious products category and therefore, is often considered to be purchased offline. However, with the jewelry brands delivering the right products and managing their customer service seamlessly, quite a few people have started trusting online purchasing for jewelry. Also, popular ecommerce platforms such as Builderfly, lets online sellers create stunning ecommerce websites and mobile apps to grab the attention of the right audience. Some of the prominent online jewelry stores are voylla.com, bluestone.com, and craftsvilla.com.

Health, Hygiene, and Beauty Supplies

Health, hygiene, and beauty supplies are a matter of trends. With changing trends, people search for products that can solve all their concerns such as weight loss supplies, health supplies, makeup supplies, and so on. Post coronavirus, online grocery stores have also become much prominent in the Indian market. Many people are switching their shopping habits from offline to online to avoid getting contacted with the virus as much as possible. Not only are these products going to stay for this pandemic, but, by the time things get back to normal (we hope, it does), people will get used to the convenience of shopping such essentials from online stores. Some of the popular ecommerce stores selling such products are amway.com, bigbasket.com, and grofers.com.

Hardware and Software Accessories

Desktops and laptops have become our new best friend throughout this pandemic; would you not agree with it? Hardware and software accessories such as storage devices, hard drives, disc drives, mouse, printers, scanners, and other computing devices or accessories are being purchased frequently by many in India. With the increasing demand for such products, many online hardware store brands are providing lucrative offers to get their competitive advantages. These products are only evolving with changing times and trends. Therefore, they can surely bag you some decent profits in no time.

Toys and Games

The Gen Z kids are naturally exposed to technologies in such a way that they have never experienced life without them. With the restrictions, limitations, and fears of going out to public places, people, especially millennial parents, prefer purchasing toys and games from online ecommerce stores. From Barbie dolls to board games, to video games, toys and games are the products that are bringing some long-lasting revenue to your online business. Some popular toys and games online stores in India are firstcry.com, toywiz.com, and hamgo.com.


The Indian ecommerce industry is thriving and every day, newer products are getting added to the list of goods and services. With an ever-growing number of products to sell online, you have a great scope in selling to a targeted audience. We believe that the products we listed above can help you grow your profits and enhance your business revenue many folds. Also, do not forget to have a look at our comprehensive ecommerce platform, Builderfly – your complete ecommerce solution. If you are just starting away, we have a free plan for you to sell your products online with an amazing online store that sells more.

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