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M-commerce apps are the mobile applications designed to sell products and services directly to the customers. Earlier, creating a mobile app was itself a costly affair, and that of a commerce app was a monumental task. In the period of the last 5-6 years, technology has completely revolutionized an online market. People are shopping through online platforms like never before, and mobile applications are nothing but a handy version of the website of ecommerce sites.

When more than 50% of online traffic on websites comes from mobile devices, it is an indication for you to understand the market shift. A wise decision here is to launch your native mobile application instead of relying only on your mobile-friendly website. We are not telling that only mobile apps can bring sales, but they will surely boost your sales. As per Statista’s research, it is estimated that we will have more than 3.8 billion smartphone users worldwide. At present, it is half of the total population of the world. This entire population can be your potential customers with the launch of your m-commerce app.

Let us help you with more reasons to understand the potential of m-commerce applications.

  1. Easy & speedy operations: Mobile phones are much easier to use than desktop and laptops. You probably consider it a myth, but that’s a false belief of several people out there, especially the aged ones. If you want to grab all those believers’ attention, the mobile application is the only solution. With the increasing count of mobile users, mobile apps are more approachable for you to reach your potential clients because of the ease of operation. Another crucial reason for deploying mobile apps for ecommerce is the faster loading time. The reduced load time allows hassle-free transactions and reduces the rate of cart abandonment, especially when the Internet is crashing. This accelerates the buyer’s journey and will definitely support your goal of bringing more conversions.
  2. Comparison made easy:There is hardly any customer who looks for the product, visits the page, and buys it. Even when you are shopping online, you get confused between the color shades available, befitting size, or even the minor design variations. The selection of those by opening so many tabs in the browser is really confusing. The wishlist feature can help users to get a real quick view of the products in the cart. The variation images of the products show up quickly on by tapping the attributes. The customers can easily compare the products, zoom in to the product images to view details, and make the right choice to buy one.
  3. Keep your customers up-to-date: You can push all the required information to your mobile app users with the help of push notifications. When you update a new catalog on your website, you have to put an extra effort into creating your email marketing list to share the message of your offerings to your existing user base. With the help of a mobile app, push notifications can solve your trouble and help you in keeping your customers informed. This feature of push notification happens to bring a fair share of conversions when promoting coupon codes and giving live discounts. The orders will start pouring in with the marketing tactics like these.
  4. Personalized recommendations: The mobile app’s algorithm is designed to understand the user’s activity and learn the basics of customer behavior. If you ask a common question to anyone other than working in the IT sector, you will find that they ain’t spending more time with desktops or laptops. When most of your customers are using mobile devices, you will be able to get more information about your user through mobile devices only. Every customer is happy with the personalized recommendations, and mobile phones give you access to an immense quantity of data with the help of which you can improvise this personalization.
  5. Minimize your marketing budget: M-commerce marketing campaigns are more effective in comparison to the website’s promotional campaigns. The basic to advanced features of mobile phones and that of an application perform the marketing way too easily, and that’s how the marketing expenses get minimized. Along with this, mobile apps give you access to a huge chunk of data that you can analyze to understand your user demographics & optimize your website’s ad campaigns accordingly.
  6. Engage your local customers: Even when you are serving national and international customers, your local buyers also make sense to your business. The push notification of location-based events or the in-store discounts, etc. help you engage with your local customers. Also, with the help of GPS features, you can let your customers easily navigate to your store.
  7. Integration of advanced technologies: When businesses aim to improve the customer’s experience, they have to take the help of advanced technologies. The implementation and utilization of trending technologies and advanced features will be much easier on mobile devices than their static counterparts. That’s also one of the crucial reasons to go ahead, planning an m-commerce app for your business.

Now that you are well aware of the benefits of m-commerce app. It’s the right time for you to launch an m-commerce app for your online store. You must be counting on a budget of development and designing, but that’s not a biggie when you are taking your business ahead with Builderfly. You can upgrade your Builderfly store to claim free access to mobile app builder. Our intuitive DIY mobile app builder for ecommerce is designed to create and launch your native mobile app on your own with utter simplicity. You have full liberty to customize each section of your m-commerce app and test it well before launch.

Don’t spend more time planning now, register your business with Builderfly, and try designing your m-commerce app for free. If you need assistance from technical experts, write to us at support@builderfly.com.

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