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The latest report of GSMA intelligence reveals, there are 5.15 billion mobile phone users in the World as of now. Another report says that 4.57 billion people around the World are using the Internet. And, almost every website on the web is receiving more than 50% of traffic from mobile devices.

With these stats right in front of you, you will surely not make the mistake of ignoring the potential of these smartphones. Like the website, the m-commerce app is there to widen the reach of your mobile loving audience. Here, we have a list of core features for your ecommerce mobile app.

  • User-friendly UI/UX:

The mobile apps are designed to facilitate a smooth shopping experience for your customers. Be wise in designing the UI/UX of your m-commerce app, as it plays a crucial role in making your customers stick to the app. Don’t forget to include social logins to ease registration at your store for shopping. It helps you improve the conversion rate and reduce cart abandonment.

  • Product filtering:

Hassle-free navigation between the product category pages, product detail pages, and variants motivate the users to explore more on your mobile app. Since there are plenty of products on your website and users are having compact screens in front of them, it can be really tricky to find the right product. In such a case, product filters and sorting options reduce the worries of the user and help them find the right product as per their preferences. While managing your inventory, take a note of the right category, subcategory, and brand associated with easing the shopper’s journey with your brand.

  • One-step checkout:

Nearly 60-70% of your potential buyers will leave the products in their cart. It often occurs with your mobile customers, especially when they are surfing through your app while waiting for someone or traveling between places. If you have a detailed checkout page, they may leave the checkout for some other time and even change their mind to buy that product. One-step checkout of mobile apps with pre-filled details can increase a lot many transactions for you.

  • Personalized recommendations:

A must-have feature for every ecommerce store is that of personalized recommendations. It helps you find the best product for your customers as per their search preferences. It lets you upsell and cross-sell the products to your prospective buyers and improve the rate of customer satisfaction by suggesting to them exactly those products that they are looking for.

  • Push notifications:

Push notification is one of the most effective features of the m-commerce app, which is known to increase user engagement. You can configure the type of information you like to share with your mobile app users. It can be about the daily deals, weekend sales, exhibitions at your physical store, personalized recommendations based on the search history of the user and previous orders, or discount coupons. The concise information can entice users to explore the app at least once, and that’s where the mobile app wins over your web store.

  • Map integration:

If your business is location-based, map integration and enabling GPS can help users navigate to your physical just within a click. This will ease your local customers to reach your store without a miss. With the help of GPS, you can further share the location-based push notifications to your customers for any sale or discounts that you are offering, especially on your physical outlet. This is one of the best tactics to motivate customers to visit your physical store

  • Live order tracking:

Since mobile apps are handy, the order tracking turns out to be an easy affair. The live order tracking reports and notifications keep the customer informed about the delivery timeline and minimize the chances of customer reject orders due to the unavailability of customers. If the delivery agent’s number is updated in the system, then a customer can be well informed about the orders that can be received every day.

  • Feedback & rating system:

Your goal is not only to bring users to your mobile app and convert them to customers but also to make them fan of your products and services. Customer feedback and rating system will help with this puzzle and motivate other potential customers to get your offerings. The rating system is based on different quality metrics that can give better clarity about the value of your product. Also, the honest review improves your understanding of the pain points of the user and gives you scope to improve your product quality. It’s beneficial for your business as well as for customers.

  • Quick customer support:

Be it an option of chat support, email, or telephone, enable a quick customer support system. The earlier you will reach your customers, the lesser will be the chances of your customers leaving you & your offerings. With your m-commerce app, you can integrate live chat software to solve your customer’s queries at the earliest.

  • Ecommerce Analytics:

This feature doesn’t have any importance to your customers, but it plays a crucial role in your business. Depending upon the type of reports, it will get you information about the user’s performance on your mobile app and how they are interacting with your business. The more you will go in details, the better insights you will get and widen your knowledge about your business demographics. This will help you reframe your marketing strategies based on the user’s response.

In addition to these core features, you can look for some advanced features depending upon the manner in which you are getting your mobile app ready. If you have a fancy budget for mobile app development, you can connect with the app development company and share your list of features for custom development. When you are just getting started and like to experiment with things on your own, you can register you business at Builderfly and get access of our DIY ecommerce app builder to design your m-commerce app on your own. If you are a registered business with Builderfly, you can upgrade your store to create your mobile app, customize, and launch it for Android and iOS versions. Before launching, you can download the build of your app and try testing multiple times before you go live.

The major benefit of designing your mobile app with Builderfly is, it will be in sync with your online store. So, you need not put all the efforts of updating the content for your mobile app and website distinctly. With reduced efforts you can concentrate more on marketing and flourish your business.

If you need any technical assistance while launching your AI – powered mobile app with Builderfly, you can write to us at support@builderfly.com and our team of experts will reach you at the earliest.

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