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Did you know that nine out of ten internet users go for websites with content in their own language? What have you planned to make your website accessible to more users? Many online businesses are attempting their best to ensure that their websites are ranking decently. However, what is mostly ignored is simply to showcase the content of their website in multiple languages.

Websites are typically global in nature. With the continuously growing IT industry worldwide and never-ending competitions, multilingual online store websites have become the new normal. As an online seller, if you are offering a multilingual ecommerce website, it will be a great move to boost your customer reach and competitive advantage. As evident as it is, in this blog, we will be discussing the benefits you get with a multilingual ecommerce website.

Benefits of a Multilingual Ecommerce Website

Any particular language would superscribe only 30% of the global population. For instance, English is a language that is generally regarded as one of the most used languages across the globe. However, as mentioned earlier, 70% of online shoppers do not speak English as their primary language. A substantially large market exists beyond the population speaking English. Below are a few most important benefits that we found would be helpful for you to decide whether to establish a multilingual ecommerce website:

Extensive Customer Reach

Establishing an ecommerce website that can be read by thousands or even millions of online shoppers across the globe signifies that you are potentially enhancing the number of visitors to your stores. When technology combined with the internet, many businesses got their chances to expand globally. Now to expand globally, every online seller must know that according to Statista, there are about 75% of the worldly populations who are non-English speakers.

Have you thought about the benefits of entering these markets? Well, you can enjoy all the benefits with a single solution – a multilingual ecommerce website. We have a backup too, as per the Harvard Business Review about 72.4% of customers prefer to make their purchases from a website that shows the information in their own language. Now, those whopping stats are all the right reasons for you to create a multilingual website if you wish to sell your goods and services internationally.

Improvised Conversion Rates

As per the CSA Research, 72% of customers spend the majority or all of their time on the sites that offer information in their own language. Owning a multilingual website implies that the foreign customers who enter the website are less likely to leave the website as compared to the ones who leave the websites immediately upon discovering that the content is not available in their language. As a result, you will be experiencing a cutback in the bounce rate and due to the multilingual facility, your website can bag you some effective conversion rates.

A Competitive Advantage

A study shows that up to March 2020, the global internet population speaking English accounts for only 25.9%.  Therefore, it is quite clear that if your wish to expand your ecommerce business into the global population, you shall need a multilingual website. If you are adapting to switch your definite website to a multilingual website before your competitors, you can be a step ahead in reaching out to a wider set of audience before them. Do we even need to mention the monetary benefits you get to enjoy with a wider audience base?

Cost-Effective Marketing

Once you connect with your customers by providing great experiences, naturally they are bound to return to your store. Soon as you switch to a multi-lingual website, your brand is promoted to be tagged as a customer-centric ecommerce business. In these times of increasing demand for personalization, a multilingual website can be your cost-effective marketing tool with a better ROI. A multilingual website can help you grab the attention of all types of potential customers and subtly nudge and motivate them to complete their purchase with your website. Since the cost of creating a multilingual or a unilingual website is almost the same, you do not have to create separate websites, hence reducing the charges incurred for brand establishment in the global market.

Improved SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Google is not the default search engine in many countries. Therefore, native language search engines are highly popular due to better convenience. Unless your website is multilingual, your website shall not show up to those native language search engines. Optimizing your website that supports multiple languages for improvised SEO or Search Engine Optimization would be a smart move. When offering multilingual options on your website, your chances of getting showed up to all kinds of search engines double or even triple the actual count.

Enhanced Brand Image

Ecommerce businesses, unlike all other businesses, need to flex into any form that is required to satisfy their customers and a multilingual website is one such flex! A website that is available in multiple languages is your solid evidence for having a global presence. A multilingual website signifies the degree of complexity, intricacy, and finesse; and all these qualities are the certificates of professionalism and quality in your customers’ view. Your customers shall be more likely to trust your business if you can provide them with what they need in the language they are proficient in. They will be responding to your selling attempts with more confidence and trust.


In a nutshell, converting your unilingual website into a multilingual one is corresponding to taking your business to the international stage. If you have the right tools and are aware of the rules and regulations to sell in different nations, you can master your international sales like a pro. If you wish to get a ready-to-use platform to effectively take your local business to an international level with multilingual options, do check out this amazing ecommerce platform – Builderfly. It is a comprehensive ecommerce solution that not only lets you create an all-in-one ecommerce website but also establishes your powerful presence with ecommerce mobile app that is facilitated by AI or Artificial Intelligence.

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