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Every child, teenager, and adult is on mobile! In fact, you might be reading this blog on your mobile phone, are you? The chances you are reading this on your smartphone are quite huge. Mcommerce applications are a complete solution to create a beautiful online store that delivers exceptional shopping experience to online customers. Mobile commerce was estimated to reach $2.91 trillion in 2020 which is about 25.4 % more than 2019, by Oberlo. The growth in the mobile commerce sector is estimated to rise by further 22.3% accounting to $3.56 trillion by 2021. According to the same research, at present, the number of smartphone users is reported to be 5.1 billion and the number is continuously growing with mobile shopping apps becoming a trend. Not only are smartphone users increasing, but the time spent on mobiles is also extensively increasing.

Since the last few years, the ecommerce industry has witnessed unprecedented growth through mobile commerce. As per Statista, the daily time spent per capita on mobile phones for accessing the internet is 143 minutes in 2020, and it is foreseen to be 155 minutes in 2021. Whether you are an online store owner, a marketer, or a consumer; stating the fact that global commerce is gradually moving towards your smartphones, won’t be surprising. Since you have reached here to read our blog, we are pretty sure that you know the importance of mobile commerce in today’s world. Are you planning to create one or more mobile apps for your business? You are at the perfect page. Today, we are taking you through the best platforms for mobile commerce from around the world. We are sure, you are going to start creating your dream mobile app, soon after reading this blog!

The best platforms for mobile commerce

As you read above, the stats for mobile commerce has made it pretty much clear that if your ecommerce store is not optimized for mobile devices, you are losing half of your potential customers at the first stage of selling online. However, the majority of shopping carts, unfortunately, were designed, only for desktop view. If you choose one such platform with zero or low responsiveness, you are bidding adieu to new sales as well as customers. To ensure providing a seamless customer experience while beating your competitors, your online store needs to be accessible to your potential customers, irrespective of the devices they use. You can also consider providing a mobile application along with your responsive website to double your sales and hence, the revenue. By choosing one of the following platforms for mobile commerce, you’ll be able to boost your sales, simply for being available to your visitors and customers, when they need you. As the focus of website optimization has shifted to mobile commerce, make sure that the one you choose is equipped with such features. Below are 6 best platforms for mobile commerce according to our experts:

SAP Hybris

Started in 1997, SAP Hybris to create well-engineered ecommerce solutions to people wishing to sell goods and services online. This is an ecommerce platform that aims at converting important data into a compatible view which the customers seek. There are a number of digital transformation features such as customer data management, context-driven marketing, and consolidated process for establishing an omnichannel ecommerce business. Irrespective of the location of the customers, this platform lets businesses target them efficiently. Other qualitative features of this platform that may help you decide include powerful integration of API, advanced mobile commerce setup, data management, and optimization tools.

Oracle Commerce Platform

Oracle Commerce Platform

Oracle Commerce Platform is one of the leading, top-ranked, commerce solutions that rule some of the world’s best brands. It delivers a persistent and personalized customer experience across various channels. Oracle offers combat-tested and scalable support for your business in order to deliver an omnichannel experience. This platform offers a complete commerce software platform that shall let you deliver a personalized customer experience by covering all customer touchpoints including mobile devices, web, physical stores, social media, and other points of contact. It allows online sellers to manage omnichannel marketing, content, promotions, and navigation while delivering a personalized experience. Online businesses can use this platform to launch sites quickly, market business, or create individual campaigns.


It is an open-source ecommerce solution offering over 500 features, responsive frontend as well as backend, and various built-in offers. One of the key advantages of using this platform is that it is available for free download and use. This platform lets online sellers create a fully customizable, updated store in a few minutes without any charges or fees. The templates provided in this platform are integrated with a mobile-optimized shopping cart that lets your customers purchase your products from any choice of devices.  PrestaShop is offering seamless mobile checkouts and the sellers can easily manage their store on the go and stay connected to their businesses from anywhere, at any point in time.


Magento is considered a world leader in the field of digital commerce cloud innovation. It is an explosion of opportunities for technical experts selling goods and services online. Magento is open-source software with an additional add-on feature. You need to choose a responsive template in Magento and start creating your space in the mcommerce world. It allows the customers to edit the codes, wherever necessary and provide other custom features for generating traffic, boosting conversion rates, and providing faster loading time. The Magento PWA (Progressive Web Apps) together puts in front the best features guaranteeing highly responsive store and app creation reducing the hurdles of downloading an app. Magento is further working with PWA to provide mobile-friendly experience with much faster checkout procedures, increased engagement, etc.

Kony Mobility

It is one of the fastest-growing, cloud-based mobility solutions, that is leading among the cross-platform mobile app development platforms. It supports the complete development of mobile software applications with the best framework, flexibility, and process. It supports SLDC (Software Development Lifecycle) app aiding businesses in designing, creating, setting up, and managing mobile apps across multiple channels. The key benefit of this platform is the speed it offers. It lets businesses to compete with their likes by delivering apps quickly on various devices. This platform can be used to market faster while reducing the total cost of operations. The Kony Visualizer helps businesses in prototyping and creating mobile apps and building a single user interface for customers across platforms. The Kony MobileFabric offers a robust and complete mobile solution letting the customer to rapidly create a mobile application within a short period. The Kony AppVantage provides pre-built templates that are suitable for all business requirements.

Builderfly App Builder


Builderfly is a complete ecommerce solution with two major features of building an online store as well as a mobile app within a single subscription plan. Unlike other platforms, it is the only platform that offers both the extensive features with minimal investment. Builderfly offers an AI-powered native iOS and Android mobile app for easy accessibility to the storefront and increased customer-reach. It offers a free mobile application with the three paid subscription plans viz. Standard, Advance, and Pro. The mobile application is fully customizable and can be designed separately as per the requirements. Moreover, with the power of Artificial Intelligence, the mobile app can automatically sync with the storefront unless opted out. With the auto-syncing facility, you need not re-enter the store data in the app store. All the features including separate font styles, color pallets, and much more are available with the free native mobile app. The AI-powered mobile apps can be published hassle-free on Android and iOS within just a few steps. Many other outstanding features include the option to edit codes, customize every text, image, logo, headers, and footers, and the list keeps going. The platform does not charge an additional fee or transaction fee for the app building software – it is free!


The modern digital world is quite fast. Do you wish to rank on the top of your business in this speedy yet highly competitive world? Well, we know, you do. Managing and taking care of a few important factors can help you gain success in a short period that even entrepreneurs have not achieved in many years! It is a must that you stay up-to-date in this fast-paced digital technology and stay connected with your customers at every stage. One of the major reasons of businesses shifting to mobile commerce is to match the speed of the market. However, when building mobile apps, you need to think wisely and act accordingly. Above all tips, choosing the right platform is extremely important when it comes to the success of selling online. Do you have a target audience? Do you know where they spend their time? Are you ready to engage with your customers? If the answers to these questions were a big ‘Yes’, it is time to pick a suitable platform and create your mobile presence. That was all for the list of some of the best mobile commerce platforms. Check out their features and choose the one that suits your business the best.

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