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You want to establish a renowned brand, and we totally get it. But, it can not be an overnight success.

To shape your dreams in reality, you need to start from somewhere. Maybe you are not sure about the idea at the moment or business niche you should pick. Still, it’s fine.

Entrepreneurship is more of an experiment, so it’s the error and trial that teaches you the best lessons.

Before you knock on any ideas for your ecommerce business, the first thing is to conduct market research. Make a list of things that customers are looking for. The products and ideas that you are listing can be seasonal, or that of daily use, or anything else. It can be anything from that of a grocery store to that of launching your hobby business. You may or may not be interested in taking it as a full-time task, but you need to give your time & efforts. We ask you to take a note of the time that you want to devote to your business & your expansion plans about the same.

Even when you are laying the foundation of your business, your vision makes a lot of difference in creating your business plan. After the market research, choose your business niche & type of products that you like to sell. Now, you have to count on finances & the way cash flow will work for your business. Further, your budget will help you decide if you plan your inventory, selection of an ecommerce platform to build your store, marketing budget, and a lot more.

Now, we will be talking about some of the best small business ideas that you can try for your ecommerce store.

  • Imitation Jewellery


Ornaments always have their space & requirements decided for all the occasions. By choosing this evergreen business idea, you can launch your store and start selling the Imitation Jewellery. Explore the kind of jewelry designs that customers are actually buying these days like oxidized jewelry, AD sets, beads & stones work, threaded jewelry, and so on.

Explore wholesale shops in your regional market to start the retail business of imitation jewelry. If you are a manufacturer, you can purchase the raw material and launch your designs on your ecommerce store. You can start this business directly from your home & need not worry about building your brick-and-mortar store. The profit on different categories of products depends upon the material of the jewelry & the quantity that you are purchasing.

  • On-demand Printing

At present, everyone is looking for personalized products, and on-demand printing actually fits in here. You need not think about machinery for product printing; instead, you can connect with the companies that give you ready products at affordable rates when you place the bulk orders. You can take the inspiration from trending ideas to add unique designs in your inventory, get their samples ready, and add them to your store. You can customize mugs, t-shirts, backpacks, diaries, posters, and a lot more. You can decide the order processing timeline and deliver custom designs as per the request of the customer.

With the printing business, you can try your creativity & add unique inventory to your brand’s identity. There ain’t any standards, it’s you, who can create one in your industry. The idea of on-demand printing is cost-effectiveness, which lets you get a fair share of profit.

  • Bakery


Another small business idea that you can start from your kitchen is baked items & cooking products. If you are offering fresh cakes, sweets & ready-to-eat meals, you can connect with the existing food chains & start delivering.

If you plan to take commercial space on lease, you need to get some documentation done for the location. Further, you will need permits & licenses for quality assurance of your food products. Otherwise, you may get stuck in legalities. Even when you are just starting your food venture, keep your contacts updated for the workers’ urgent requirements to support you.

  • Art store

Everyone has a hidden artist within them, it’s just how and when you find one. Maybe in this lockdown due to pandemic Corona, you found your inner artist & like to take this hobby to the next level.

Suppose you find your inclination towards one of your hobbies you are crazy about. In that case, we recommend you to go for it & start this hobby business. There is nothing better than doing something that you truly love, and your art store can be the best idea if you are that artistic soul. Since you are an artist, you probably have the material with you. The next thing you need to work is the type of products, category, designing store, and marketing the same.

  • E-learning material

Online education is the change that came in this period of lockdown. Faculties and schools are working hard to make this pattern work, though it’s easy. Still, you can create your personalized e-learning material & sell it through your website. In addition to these e-learning ideas, you can try selling supportive education material through your store. You can also design digital study material and sell them to your store. In this way, you will be able to support the cause and profit with your ecommerce business.

  • Sell services

Ecommerce is about selling the products through your store, but you can also count on services. The best thing about selling services is you need not worry about the location, warehouse, variety of inventory, supply chain cycle, or shipping. You will be selling your skills through your website and can customize the rates depending upon the client’s requirements. The only type of investment you will be making for your service-based business is that of your time and efforts with which you can reap a lot of money. You can start this business as an individual entity. You can create your team for the same as per project requirements or your business plan. The more you like to scale your business, you certainly have to team up to make things work well.

Well, these were just a handful of business ideas for your ecommerce business. Once you decide your business niche, you can register with Builderfly to design ecommerce store without any technicalities. If you need a consultation to design your store and plan your business strategies, share with us at

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