Growth of E-commerce

What are the Different Reasons for the Growth of E-commerce?

Learn about the major contributing factors to this growth of ecommerce and know how you can use its potential for your business with Builderfly. Being a DIY ecommerce platform, Builderfly can assist you in going digital, marketing, and scaling your business globally improving your ROI.

Ecommerce proved to be a real game changer in a very short span of time. From nowhere to the largest market share holder, online retail made a lot of difference in the last decade. Online retail spending across emerging markets is expanding beyond average with ecommerce and you can apply the same mantra to your business.

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An Ecommerce store on Builderfly promises 24/7 accessibility, 365 days a year, with no downtime for public holidays, closing times, bad weather conditions, etc. With the global expansion of ecommerce, merchants can now sell their products across different countries without actually opening an outlet there.

Following the same lane of growth in the digital era, Builderfly ecommerce with zero investments has made your dream come true of receiving orders even when in your sleep. So, you can literally make money while dreaming about it. Start selling online anything to everything, right from your home with no extra web launching burden and maximize your revenue with Builderfly. Leverage the power of global selling and easy-management to streamline your operations and flourish as a brand – choose Builderfly.

Know Why Ecommerce Is Growing And Grow With Builderfly

Omnichannel retailing

Ecommerce has progressed beyond search engine optimization to other channels of marketing and interacting with customers. Now, with Builderfly, businesses can connect with their shoppers via websites, social media, email, and physical outlets. This creates multiple touch-points for customers to connect and shop from you. Customers can purchase online, pick up their orders at a physical store, return any defective items online, and avail discount offers based on a certain number of referrals. This blended physical and online experience drives more sales. You can nourish your brand and manage the omni-channel presence of your business with Builderfly’s one management system. Link all of your sales channels, including social platforms and marketplaces, and sell everywhere to diversify your online reach.

Brick to click model

The wave of digitization, sudden expansion of ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon, and COVID outbreak, brick-to-click model is a trend. Understanding the need for going online, now traditional businesses are following the track of technology. The primary aim is to give equal convenience to online and offline shoppers to connect with you and shop from you. It’s simply like opening another door to your shop. With your Builderfly store, you can manage your point-of-sale customers, receive and manage online orders without any hassles. Let your customers shop and receive orders at their convenience.

Cross-border ecommerce

Opening your online store with Builderfly, you can sell across the globe and maximize your profit share leveraging the benefits of cross-border commerce. Link your social channels like Facebook and sell on global marketplaces like Amazon and Google Shopping to serve a global audience through your Builderfly account. Greater connectivity allows consumers to become familiar with products and services that are not necessarily produced locally. According to Nielsen’s 2017 Online Shopper Trend Report, the share of Chinese consumers who buy products from overseas websites has doubled to 64 percent since 2014. When you are selling online, an entire global audience turns to your potential customers.

Data Analytics

The proliferation of the number of online sales channels (e.g. desktop, mobile, tablets) implies a growing need for advertisers and retailers to understand consumer behavior across these channels in order to maximize the benefit from online sales. Technology, and specifically data analytics, can help in this regard as these allow for the optimization of consumer marketing, which in turn should help drive online commerce growth further. Builderfly lets you track your store’s performance with Builderfly Analytics to strategically plan your marketing campaigns and optimize your conversion ratio.

Digital Payments

Owing to the development of internet access and smartphone ownership, digital non-cash payment systems are possible. The subsequent sharp decline in the cost of technology has granted a lot of convenience to both consumers and businesses. These days even the vegetable vendors accept digital payments. It is a new normal and it is paving the path for future digitalization of every business around. We know we are progressing towards a digital world, and there is still an audience believing in traditional modes of payment. Builderfly lets you adapt the blend of digital and traditional payment modes, enabling all of them for your online shoppers at your e-store.

Go Mobile

Setting up your business with Builderfly, you can design and have native mobile apps and gain better traction for your business. Mobile devices are handy and easy-to-use. The greater reach of mobile devices with pocket-friendly deals makes one of the primary reasons for mobile shopping. Mobile commerce is spreading its roots in all possible niches now. If you do not have a native mobile app of your own, you can miss a large chunk of shoppers. You can observe that all the brands in the market, be it product-based or service-based, are launching a mobile app of their own. So why are you waiting – launch your mobile app with Builderfly.

Global with Builderfly

Go Digital and Go Global with Builderfly

You can take your offline business online or start one from scratch with Builderfly on your own. Move with the times and lower your overhead costs with Builderfly that provides administrative support, backend, and plenty of tools to manage your business operations. We are allowing you to focus on your core competencies and scale your business in your way.
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Why is ecommerce growing fast?

The rapid adoption of smartphones, easy and affordable access to technology, and the convenience of shopping from anywhere, at any time are the major reasons for the rapid growth of online commerce.

What is the future of ecommerce?

Ecommerce is wildly penetrating the market. According to Forbes, it must be hitting 3-4 trillion dollars by 2025. The increasing pace of digitalization and tech evolution to improve customer’s shopping experience is strengthening the roots of ecommerce.

How can Builderfly help me grow my business?

Builderfly is an all-inclusive ecommerce platform where you will get access to all the tools and features to market and grow your business. It’s a DIY platform, so you need not worry about technicalities. The best thing is, you can use it for FREE for Lifetime and you can upgrade your plan to use advanced business growth features.

What is an ecommerce growth mantra?

Adapt the trends, technology and keep experimenting, is the only mantra for growth on the web. Ecommerce is an evolving domain. Keep learning and keep growing in this digital era.

What is the ultimate and evergreen advice for ecommerce businesses?

Be it in the online market or offline, the consumer is the key prospect. Your business will grow tremendously adapting to this trend of ecommerce.

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