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Have you completed the design of your ecommerce store?

If yes, you must be thinking about making it live on the web.

It’s a common notion that you will create a website, launch it, and start getting sales. Well, that’s how it is supposed to work.

But is it that easy to get sales?

Absolutely NO!

You have created your website and made it live, but there are hardly any people in the market aware of your business. When people don’t know you at all, how will you be getting sales in your store? And don’t forget that there are several businesses like that of yours. Have you ever thought about how you will be able to survive in this competition?

If not, then also, you need not worry that much. We assure you that you will not lose the effort and time you put into creating your ecommerce store. You have to plan the marketing strategies to spread the word about your business in the community and build a network with the like minds.

Ecommerce marketing talks about the marketing strategies that you will be deploying for your ecommerce store to bring the traction. The first and foremost thing is to generate brand awareness, and then only you will be getting the quality traffic. We know that all of your website visitors will not be your customers, but you need to have the visitors at first.


Do you have your website set in ready-to-market mode? We are sure that you are already talking to your friends and family about your business ideas. You may not get appropriate advice from them, especially if they are unaware of your business niche. In such a case, you need expert advice, and community forums can be of great help. You can leverage them to talk about your website and ask for reviews from other businesses. In this way, you will be growing your network as well as sharing the word about your business.

The marketing strategies of any website are not only paid one. Rather it is everything that can create curiosity and make them land to your store. Now, we will walk you through the important ecommerce marketing strategies that you must try for your store:

Optimize your website

The visitors and prospective customers will come to your site from the search engines only. That’s why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the primary idea to start with. Audit your website and fix the on-page SEO requirements of the web pages. You must audit the content of internal pages as well as product description pages to bring organic traction to your website.

The content of the site can be set location-oriented for location-specific business. In the product description pages, remember to add high-performing keywords in the product titles and product descriptions. It will improve the chances of your products appearing on the top-ranking in SERPs. While updating your content, keep in mind that you won’t lose the flow of the content. The keywords and tags you are adding to your website content must be in original flow and shouldn’t look stuffed. In case you don’t understand it, you can take the help of professionals. You can hire content writers or copywriters to get the sellable content ready for your site.

Before putting your amount in the paid marketing, we advise you to complete this optimization process. The reason is, a well-optimized site will entice customers more, and it won’t leave a wrong impression on your customers. When everything is fixed as expected, you can easily showcase your image as a brand.

Content marketing

With time, the importance of content is proliferating. There are so many businesses selling the same products in the market. That’s why it’s getting really tricky to gain the attention of customers. Content marketing is working a lot better for service-based businesses. You can bring quality traffic to your store with the help of content marketing ideas.

You can count on blogs to share your experience in the industry, create how-to blogs, share industry trends, customer feedback, and even the quirky story of ideation of certain products. People love stories because they stick and make one feel more personal. You can share the story of your brand and manufacturing process. These ideas help you build the bridge between your customer and business. So, even if you are miles away, you can stay connected with your audience.

As an extended part of content marketing, the trend of email marketing is creating a lot of buzz in the market. With the help of data collected in the CMS, you can pitch your existing customers as well as prospective customers. You can share your monthly newsletter, weekly emails, share the news of events and recommend the products based on the search history. These personalized recommendations make your customers feel that you care about them and their needs. They will likely come back to your store and explore more things by looking at the product of their choice. You can create distinct groups for email marketing and share your message with the masses. Counting on the marketing automation tools will make it easier for you to manage and realize your email marketing strategies.

Social media marketing

We are sure that by now, you’ve created the social media profiles and pages in support of your business, but are they converting?

Well, there are millions of people using social media every day. Even, you can check the count of active users on the internet right at this moment. With so many users online, if people aren’t talking about your business, it’s just because you haven’t given them a chance to do so.

Creating a profile won’t serve the means. You need to be active on your profiles and connect with the people to grow your network. “Sharing is caring,” the concept serves well on social media. You can share the feeds regularly or periodically, as per the plan to improve your followers.

Don’t simply share the promotional stuff or your products on your pages. It’s your social business profile, and you need to be more humane and conversational here. You can share the festive posts, talk about events, and try some innovative ideas like live coverage of any event relating to your business or sharing fun facts.

  • Create paid promotional campaigns:
    • After creating your social media plan, you can set the end goal of the business and promote your posts or business page to grow the reach. You may want to increase the count of followers, want your followers to discover your website, or like to promote any recent event. You can select the end goal of promotion and invest strategically for the attainment of your goal.
    • By linking your Facebook and Instagram pages, you can promote on both of the platforms together. For Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social channels, you have to create distinct promotional campaigns.
    • Check with the analytics section of all these social handles to gain insights about the performance of your paid promotions across all the channels.
    • If you are a soloprenuer who is trying to manage different frontiers of your business together, you can search for social media management tools that can help you share across all platforms from a single dashboard. Also, you can schedule your weekly and even monthly posts to avoid any delay and maintain consistency.

Pay-per-click marketing

PPC ad marketing campaigns are one of the most effective marketing strategies for the ecommerce business. You can advertise your products directly on Google and help customers discover your brand. The best thing is you will be paying for the clicks only and not for views. So, even if your ad is displayed to the users for quite thousands of times, you don’t have to worry about your campaign budget.

With the help of Google Analytics, you can grab all the necessary information about the user demographics, and you can leverage it for your promotional campaigns. Google arms you with all the necessary tools that can give you insights about your business’s reach and the type of audience interested in your business. Based on your research of target niche and competitor businesses, you can fix the bid rates for your campaign. With the dynamic bidding ideas, you can stand ahead of your competitors without turning back in any way.


We have shared a handful of ideas to start with ecommerce marketing, but that’s not all. You can understand advanced targeted marketing and optimize your promotional campaigns to make the most of them.

Ecommerce gives you a lot to explore and experiment with. Simply stay open to the novel ideas and trends; you will definitely not fall off the track. If you are busy managing your business, you can write to us at to connect you with the team of digital marketing experts.