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The majority of online selling stores drastically fail as they are unable to find the right products to sell online. With an endless number of products available in the online market, finding the one that sells the best has become painful, especially amidst the cut-throat competition in the market. Talking about the current scenario, lockdowns, shortage of products, masked people, are a few instances of the COVID-19 impacts. Like any other challenges imposed, humans have evolved from the pandemic by adapting to the ‘new normal’. You’ll find people moving out of their homes quite rare, with masks or cover over their faces, carrying sanitizers in their pockets. Now that was about the day-to-day life changes.

Another drastic change was in the ecommerce industry. Although in the beginning, there was a sudden shut down of businesses for a while, shortage of goods, and strict laws imposed on the ecommerce industry, today, it is one of the best and the most-earning businesses around the globe. More and more people have today started trusting on online shopping more than ever. With that, it has become crucial for ecommerce businesses to match the increased demands and expectations of the consumers. With the continuously increasing demands in the ecommerce industry, many businesses are switching to sell online. This is a vital stage for every aspiring online seller to know about the right products to sell online. In this blog, we have compiled the most popular and best-selling products to sell online in 2020.

 The most popular products to sell online in 2020

Electronic Products


As people are spending more of their time in their home, the need for hi-tech products at home has risen significantly. The new way of living demands for products aiding in working from home, online classes for children, and anything that helps to balance the work-life and personal life. We suggest you sell products such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, televisions, online streaming devices, etc. that are in greater demand at a competitive price range. You can consider providing offers and discounts, gaining a competitive advantage in selling the highly demanded products.

Personal Care Products

This product niche has rocketed like never before with people panicking to purchase every product they can before it goes out of stock. There has been a never-before surging addition to the personal care products such as hand sanitizers, toilet papers, cleaning products, etc. Even if you are starting your ecommerce business today, you can assure at least a few orders within 24 hours. The value for such products has been so high that even a confectionery online shop has created a separate category for such essential products. Talking about the essential products, with the new normalcy, there is a demand for masks; so much that people are now looking for masks that suit their attire in order to look stylish in their covered faces as well. Solely selling this niche of products can help you earn decently, unlike many other businesses in 2020.

Medical Products

With the increasing fear of the coronavirus spread, medical professionals, in most of the cases, try avoiding people visiting the hospitals for other diseases and infections. The impacts of the pandemic are such that all other illnesses are tried to be treated under online consultations. Also, people now prefer to look for medicines for as small as a headache online. This is a good time for online selling of medical products and medicines. If you are planning to sell products with endless demands and no strict government impositions, choosing this product niche would be a great idea.

Baby Care Products

Many, we repeat, many babies, have been born during this pandemic, and the list is continuing. Earlier baby products were more often purchased from the nearby shops or malls. However, today, parents only look for the safety of their child and look for the safest choice of products. If you can adhere to the safety guidelines of selling online, this product niche would be an amazing choice. The new parents, especially, would be looking online for many baby care products including thermometers, diapers, soaps, shampoos, oils, baby foods, and the list goes on.  This products niche is probably one of the few product niches that are intact and have not been affected by the adverse conditions of the pandemic. Again, if you are looking for selling online the products that are never going out-of-demand, this is the one for you.

Online Groceries

sell groceries online

You might have at least once come across the news that the vegetable vendor was infected with Covid-19 and therefore so and so number of people has been affected with the coronavirus. That’s the same news everyone has read, due to which the fear of purchasing from vegetable vendors have increased considerably. This resulted in an increase in online grocery shoppers. Many online grocery sellers have earned the trust of online shoppers by promising quality delivery of products with the utmost safety measures. Groceries are probably the only product-market wherein n number of businesses can flourish. All you have to do is stay true to your business by delivering quality products with unmatched customer services, safety, and timely delivery; you will be gaining loyal customers for the long run, effortlessly.

Pet Care Products

Like humans, pets also need care in all possible ways. The pet-lovers especially would look for pet foods and other pet care essentials online like they do for their own needs. This product niche is amongst the ones that are not tapped upon much, giving more space to the new sellers in the market. If you are looking forward to establishing a monopoly is selling pet care products, we would say, you easily can do so. For creating an online space, you do not have to be a technical expert. You can create a beautiful online store for selling pet care products within a few steps and minimal investment. Check out and explore the extensive features you get for free in the 14-days trial period.

Office Essentials

No, we are not talking about the essentials that a businessman shops online for his office. In the current situation, people have set up their working space in their home and for that, they would need to purchase a few things. You can consider selling trending products that compliment the work-from-home culture including ergonomic chairs, computer tables, laptop table, broadband modems, etc. If focused on the schooling sector, many teachers have purchased whiteboards, chalks, and many other essentials to set up a teaching environment for their students’ right at their home. Whether you are starting to sell online or are already an online seller, integrating this product niche is a great idea to boost your business development and enhance your business revenue like never before.

Home Appliances

It is the time when people think to renovate or redesign their home. Selling home appliances is a product niche that is never fading. Especially if you are planning to sell trendy and continuously evolving home appliances of the best quality in a competitive price range, you can assure a successful selling of your products in a jiffy. Some of the home appliances we suggest would be home theatres, Bluetooth speakers, ovens, blenders, washing machines, etc.

Food Delivery

Along with all other businesses, the restaurants and food joints were another sector that faced a major shut down as a result of the lockdowns. However, it is not the same anymore. Along with the general public, restaurant owners and staffs are taking the utmost care to deliver the best quality food while taking all the required safety measures. People have now started trusting ordering food online. In fact, the ones living away from homes are in constant need for online food delivery. If you are planning to start an online business, selling food items is again an idea that will not bring you any loss or shutdowns – unless you are not serving the best. You can also consider providing subscription plans wherein your customers need not get into the hassles of ordering every other day; they can opt for your monthly or yearly subscription plans wherein they will pay a lump sum amount for your services monthly or yearly.

Beauty and Health Products

Everyone including us is and should be conscious of our health and beauty. Well, it is okay if you are not one focusing on the latter. Many do and tapping into this industry is bringing you oodles of revenue. You need to manufacture the products; you can consider selling verified branded products to your customers through your online store. Some of the health care products we suggest are machines for checking diabetes, BP, etc. Some of the beauty product suggestions include face wash, scrubs, shampoos, etc.

These were the best and most popular products that are selling the most in 2020. Whether you are planning for a new online store or already have one, this list is giving some brownie points to your business.

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