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Whether you have small-scale clothing ecommerce website or a large-scale well-established business website, doing the right marketing is equally important. Whatever is the size and shape of your ecommerce website, you’ll be surely facing challenges while attempting to attract as well as retain customers online. In the crowded ecommerce market, people may find it difficult to find your brand. As a clothing ecommerce owner, you have a great scope in improving your brand presence as well as your sales to increase brand awareness. With the increased competition, extensive online presence, and marketing costs in the ecommerce industry, it is increasingly becoming more and more difficult to bag some profits into your online store. Have you been trying out all the marketing strategies that had promised to promote your clothing ecommerce brand and still did not work? Well, it’s time to level up your marketing strategies. Today, we will be learning about some tried and tested ways to promote your clothing ecommerce website efficiently.

Smart Ways to Promote a Clothing Ecommerce Website

Create your Brand Image

Creating a brand image is extremely important if you wish to stay unique from the other ecommerce website. For this, you can use a unique business logo, a capturing theme, high-quality product images, and attractive website design to create your unique brand image. Build relations through active communication among multiple selling platforms and create a good reputation among the audience. Great and responsive customer service can help you create a strong brand image. Find your competitors and use their pain points as your strongest points to deliver online. This way, customers shall automatically incline to your brand creating more brand awareness.

Create an Eye-Catchy Tagline

Create an Eye-Catchy Tagline of your Clothing Business

One of the best ways to make your brand stay above the crowd is by using an eye-catchy tagline that has the potential to emotionally connect with your visitors and customers. Remember, the tagline you use must be relevant to your clothing website, connecting to your audience, unique from the rest, and easy to remember. For instance, the tagline of McDonald’s is “i’m lovin’ it”, which covers all the above-mentioned parameters. Isn’t that a convincing tagline for you to purchase a burger today?

Release Offers and Deals Regularly

The chance of shoppers spending more time on your website and new people visiting your website doubles or sometimes triples when they get interesting offers or deals from you. You need to make sure that you are sending out regular deals or offers to attract more and more potential customers that eventually promote your brand. Also, try using FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), discounts, and Sale tags to grab more visitors.

Invest in Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a thing that you must focus on right from the initial phase of your ecommerce clothing store. SEO is not something that can give you an online presence overnight. You need to use super-rich meta descriptions, meta keywords and other SEO-specific content in order to rank on the top of the Google Search Engine Results Page. Well, it’s not as easy as it might sound. Google has a way to pick the top pages using SEO. Even if you overdo the SEO part, your site might be lagging. Due to this reason, it becomes essential that you work on the SEO of your online clothing ecommerce website right from the start. Eventually, an effective strategy will help you boost your online presence effectively. You need not be an SEO specialist to do this; you can also consider hiring an SEO expert team to handle this part of your business. The better the SEO, the higher your brand visibility.

Stay Active on Social Media Platforms

Social Media platforms may be a great way for you to market and promote your brand. But, let us make it clear; they are not supposed to be solely used for promotions. No visitors would be interested to purchase from your brand if all you do is extensive marketing and promotion of your products. Social media platforms are the best medium to promote your website, connect with people, and create a strong brand impact with social media presence. In fact, with an increase in the number of people using social media platforms, you get a higher scope in boosting brand visibility. More engaged people are on your social media platforms, more are their interests in the products you sell. With an increasing number of followers, you need to be sure that you post regular, yet interesting posts and content. The moment you bore your audience, you lose the chance to create a strong online presence.

Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

Create a Mobile-Friendly Clothing Ecommerce Website

The design of your clothing ecommerce website plays a major role in boosting your conversion rates. A well-designed, sleek website lures the customers to confidently purchase products from your website. Spelling mistakes, bugs, and messy interface in your website can lead to a constant increase in the bounce rates. Your ecommerce website must reflect confidence in the visitors. You must make sure that your website theme is mobile friendly. For instance, Builderfly ecommerce platform offers you many ready-to-use customizable themes that are reflowable. Irrespective of the screen you use, your website will adjust to its dimensions. As an online seller, you might rightly know the importance of creating a mobile-friendly ecommerce website. With every passing day, the number of people using mobile for shopping online is continuously growing. It has become significant that your website is mobile-friendly in order to stay neck-to-neck in the cutting edge competitive ecommerce market.

Focus on the Visual Specifications

In a brick and mortar fashion store, people usually check for the quality of the product before investing money on it and purchasing it. However, it is not the case in online clothing stores. People cannot check the specifications of the products physically and that is the reason why visual specifications are important. Product images and videos establish the authenticity of the product you sell. Thus, you must provide the maximum information to your website visitors along with offering quality products. You need to highlight the specifications of the product through the available slots. You can consider using professional photographs for your product which should also include the feature to zoom in to get a detailed view of the product including its design, material, and size. Apart from the photos and videos, your entire clothing website must be designed and crafted in a way to make your visitors feel comfortable to shop online.

Do Not Sell on Your Website’s Homepage

The homepage of any website is meant to establish trust and credibility of the brand. An ideal homepage should not display the products that are to be purchased. Instead, it should cover marketing and promotional content in order to encourage the visitor to explore your complete website before making a purchase. You can consider displaying product categories and provide a clear Call-to-Action tab to navigate them to the respective landing pages. You can even promote new offers and deals you are offering, show web security seals, display brand achievements, and give customer reviews on the homepage.

Retarget your Clothing Website Visitors

Majority of the people are not willing to purchase a product or service instantly when they see its advertisement. Leveraging the power of retargeting, you can target such visitors who were once thinking to purchase products from your website. You can consider using Facebook and create Custom Audiences to target known audiences along with boosting your online presence. If the visitors are not responding to your retargeting ads, you can always give them a discount offer to get them to purchase from you. You can also retarget the people who have left abandoned carts in your clothing ecommerce website.

Invest your Time in Guest Blogging

Invest your Time in Guest Blogging to promote clothing ecommerce website

If you have hired a good content writer for your fashion store, use the opportunity to write guest blogs. Guest blogs are the articles your website provides to other platforms and websites for posting. It is a great way to grab the views of their visitors towards your website. You can consider multiple guest blogging platforms by which you can promote your clothing ecommerce website throughout the platforms apart from your website blogs. In the guest blogs, you can integrate links to your website in the right place to convince the readers to visit your website to learn more about your brand and its services.

When done rightly, marketing a clothing ecommerce website to the right audience can help you promote your brand conveniently. However, before beginning your marketing, it is significant that you identify your business goals. Promoting your online clothing ecommerce website implies creating the right content. Not just an everyday content you already post, you would need to produce creative content including blogs, product pages, and social media posts. While manufacturing your online clothing store would have been a difficult task, promoting them to make it an internationally known brand is a great challenge in itself. Once you have managed to do it using the smart ways mentioned above, you can measure the success in your sales significantly.

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