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M-commerce is showing algorithmic growth in the industry. The global m-commerce revenue is expected to reach $3.56 trillion by the end of 2021. We are getting an average year-on-year growth of 33.8% in terms of revenue generated by m-commerce apps.

These days almost every website is having more than 50% of traffic coming from mobile devices. Since smartphones and mobile devices give easy access to technology, its users’ count is growing rapidly and thus supports mobile commerce. Due to this changing shopping trend, we recently saw 79% of global purchases made via mobile devices in the last six months.

It’s the story of a few years back when you have to sit tight in front of desktops to shop your favorite products. Before a decade, we use to have rounds of the local market to select and buy the best products. You can now see that you can explore & shop a variety of products from an entire world even while traveling, roaming around, and getting the right products delivered at your doors.

M-commerce is not only about shopping through mobile devices; rather, it also talks about orders received through smartphones at your online store. M-commerce is growing because of:

Popularity & wide reach

One of the major reasons behind m-commerce apps’ success is the craze of people for mobile devices. It is the most accessible and easy-to-use medium that helps the masses connect with people across the world with just one click. With the help of m-commerce apps, it is now connecting people with businesses like never before. Unlike the old days, people now have easy access to the Internet, which widens the connectivity scope. The network is helping individuals as well as businesses.

Mobile optimization as a compulsory feature

Earlier businesses were not keen on the mobile versions of their site. Still, now that’s one of the important ranking factors on search engines. Due to a change in customers’ search behavior, the user experience of the mobile version of your website makes a lot of sense. Visitors were coming to your site. If not happy with the loading speed or responsiveness of the layout, they leave instantly. In contrast, others who had an amazing experience will adore shopping from the mobile version of your site. So, mobile optimization can do wonders for your business by grabbing the attention of all those mobile-friendly customers and try converting them.

Mobile features promoting e-commerce

The developing countries like India have a huge chunk of not-so-tech-friendly audiences. It’s no surprise that they don’t know how to use the smartphones gifted from their loved ones. The advanced features like voice search, scan and search, and click to search help smartphone users explore the products on shopping apps. The ease with which buyers can find the products on mobile apps motivates them to explore more and shop more. The search pattern of customers helps businesses get access to more information with the help of which they can create more practical marketing strategies and gain more sales.

Secure payment methods

When customers are shopping through your website, they have options for net banking, credit card, and debit card payment that can be secured with a one-time password (OTP) only. By hacking your sim card, hackers can get unauthorized access to your mobile phone. OTP can be redirected to another number. With mobile apps’ help, you can count on advanced & more secure payment methods with biological scans like that of retina or fingerprint to secure online transactions. This will minimize the risk in online transactions and give your users more control over their personal information. This will build your customers’ trust in your business, and you will gain more longlasting customers rather than just one-time buyers.

Mobile apps boost user engagement

Think about the situations where you want customers to be at your store; when you launch new products, add categories in your catalog, organize the festive sale, or share those weekly discount coupons. There are endless situations like this when you need the attention of your customer. You may try different marketing strategies like email marketing, social media marketing, or the paid Google Ads. Still, it will be visible to your customer only when they open it. The push notifications in the mobile application help you share your message multiple times in the notification that keeps flashing on the user’s screen and increase chances of conversion. The shopping app user may ignore it for once, twice, but the next time it will flash, there are higher chances of clicking through it. Be it an accidental click or chosen action; one click is capable of starting a new session of the user with your mobile app. Not all people regularly use their desktops, but they will definitely use mobile devices. A mail sent to those potential buyers may be left unread. Still, the notifications will keep the users connected to your business.

Trending tech to revolutionize future

We grew a lot in the last decade in terms of knowledge and technology. These days we have easy access to a lot of information that we have never imagined in the last decades. With advanced research methodologies now, we are exploring technology at a much greater pace. The integration of advanced technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, AR, VR is practically more accessible with mobile devices. That’s how they are providing you access to a more detailed dataset that can improvise your understanding of your user demographics and demand.

Now that’s a good dose of information about the growing demand for m-commerce and the way mobile apps are renovating the approach towards shopping. Suppose you are an ecommerce enthusiast impressed by the growth statics and feel like launching your online store. In that case, Builderfly is ready to support you in these dreams. Telling you about Builderfly in brief, it’s an ecommerce platform that can get you a responsive search engine-friendly online store ready in less than 10 minutes. With us, you can build your store, customize it, and start selling for free. Further, you can upgrade your store with features that can streamline your ecommerce business and design a mobile app to gain more mobile customers’ attention. You can start your ecommerce journey by merely registering with us. For technical assistance, you can write to us at support@builderfly.com.

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