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The warm breeze of digitalization is playing its role in taking every business online. When service-based businesses sell packages as per the tenure of usage, product-based businesses can sell their products directly in the market. So, if you are planning to start an e-tail business, you can launch it anywhere without worrying about your geographic location.

Though you need not have a physical store, you must have some presence to build your customers’ trust. The static website can serve the purpose of building trust, but you won’t be able to showcase your products there. When customers explore your products as they can do at the physical outlets, they will only like to contact you to purchase. Else, they may leave your site and navigate to other businesses.

Ecommerce website design & development deal with designing a website where customers can check the products, explore variations, and check out for the best deal. The actual transaction of payment will happen at your store, and you will receive it in your account without any mediators involved. You can add other modes of payment as well as flexibility tricks to make your store a success. To offer the store-like experience to your customers, you, as a seller, will seek for different website designing and Web development options.

Though ecommerce store designing and ecommerce website development are the two terms interchangeably used, they do have a slight difference. Store designing is about selecting the design elements that can make your store look attractive to turn it to sellable. Whereas, ecommerce website development is building your store from scratch and adding all the functionalities of your choice. For custom store development, you need the help of UI/UX designers to design the layout of web pages and get approved for development. Then ecommerce store developers can shape your store based on that layout and add more functionalities.

How To Get An Ecommerce Website Designed?

In the present times, creating an ecommerce store is not that tricky. Depending upon the count of features you want, the investment you can make, and the efforts you like to put, you can select the platform of your choice.

When you don’t have a fancy budget and have a bit of technical knowledge, you can check for open source CMS platforms to build your design from scratch. In this case, you have to invest your time and money both to design your ecommerce store. The themes and plugins may add to your budget if you want to upgrade them for a better experience.

If you want to get a customized website designed for your business, but don’t want to manage things on your own, you need to connect with the ecommerce website developers. You can hire freelance developers or connect with the IT company who have a sound portfolio of designing ecommerce stores for businesses.

The best option to get your store ready with almost no tension is to check with the online website builders and ecommerce platforms. The online website builders will help you design your store using pre-designed store templates. In contrast, ecommerce platforms will guard you store designing, customization, management of front-end, back-end, integration of sales channels, Customer Resource Management, marketing tools, integration of third-party software, and advanced functionalities.

If you are planning to launch your ecommerce business as an individual, ecommerce platforms can surely bring the best deal for you. Rest, you can decide upon other preferences and options you have in your mind.

How Much Will It Cost To Create An Ecommerce Website?

Building an ecommerce website for your business is not as expensive as opening your physical store. You can start with as low as $35, and there will be no limitation beyond.

The primary investment will be that of purchasing your domain. The domain name of your store can be the brand name or anything as per your choice. The name that you select will decide the charges to buy a domain. If you choose an option of custom web development, you have to look for the website hosting service provider. The selection of the hosting plan will be the next investment added to the list.

If you design your website, that’s fine; else, you can add the cost of a website developer or Web development team as a third investment. You can move ahead with the free themes by checking their compatibility with the platform you chose. Later, you can purchase the themes and third-party plugins to make your store more accessible. However, if you will be using ecommerce platforms, you will get free access to all necessary and profitable ecommerce functionalities that are crucial to run an ecommerce store.

Core Features

The core features of an ecommerce store involve the integration of payment gateway, shipping service providers, content management, invoice generation, order fulfillment dashboard, and checkout page. All these functionalities are responsible for converting your static website to the dynamic and transactional one.

You will find all these ecommerce features available on all the platforms that can be used to create an ecommerce store for you. In addition to these core functionalities, you can explore the advanced functionalities that you like to be added for your ecommerce store. Ecommerce gives you a free hand to experiment and make things possible to every extent. You can check for the features online and analyze your competitor’s website to make the list of features you want to implement in your online store.

Get Your Store Ready In Less Than 10 Mins

You can get your store ready in less than 10 minutes with Builderfly. You have to register your business with basic contact details, choose your business industry, add your physical location, and wait for a few seconds. In a flash, you will find that the store will be created, and you can check the first look of your store.

The next task with you is to understand the utility of all the features and start using them to personalize your store as per your preferences. You can customize each section of your ecommerce store and add the personal touch of your brand. Management of orders, inventory, cross channel sales, marketing, and different dimensions of your store will help you streamline your business with utter ease.

When you get your ecommerce store designed with Builderfly, you will get access to the powerful features like themes; domain connects, catalog management, free SSL, integration of sales channels, catalog management, integration of CRM, linked marketing tools, blog, SEO features, abandoned cart recovery, tax management, live shipping rates, etc.

Hire Builderfly Experts To Design Your Dream Store

Success is about being present in the right situation at the right time. When you are busy handling other frontiers of your business, you may miss the right timing. By hiring Builderfly experts, you can reserve this opportunity by getting your store designed by us. You need not worry about the look and feel of your dream, we will take care of managing your back-end, and you can concentrate on strategies to improve the conversion of your store.

For technical assistance or to inquire, feel free to share your concern at support@builderfly.com.

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