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One of the popular social media channels, Twitter, is well known to catch the trends. Generally, users deploy Twitter to get news & frequent updates about every sort of industry. With the changing dynamics, people have been actively using social handles to interact with businesses.

Do you know that Twitter has 330m monthly active users? 145 million of these are daily users. With an appropriate marketing strategy, you can reach millions of users & entice them to be your customers. Take this as an opportunity & start building connections that can convert in the future.

  • Connect with your audience

Unlike Facebook, it’s not possible to create the post on Twitter & start getting inquiries. Users are behind what’s trending & will not look for what you have to offer unless you saturate with the trends. That’s why you need to create an appropriate strategy to build engagement on Twitter.

The primary advice is to create a profile as a brand and talk about your business’s niche. We know you want to sell, but it is better if you build the connections initially. Gain an understanding of the latest trends & engage in the discussions. It will give you exposure to a lot of new contacts & some of them will likely explore your profile. Well, that’s the point of time when your business-related tweets on your profile will get the attention of Twitter users.

If you could relate your offerings, plans, or even support a certain cause via your store, Tweet it without any second thoughts. Like Amul, if you own a mascot & creative team, you can make your brand speak.

  • Understand the cause to start your hashtag campaign

Understand the cause to start your hashtag campaign-ecommerce marketing

Every campaign has its motto. In addition to walking with the trends, you can be the trendsetter once you have the user base ready to connect. Initially, you don’t have a lot of audiences, so try creating a campaign around trends. The basic idea can be that of supporting a cause & walking with it as a brand.

In the present scenario, India’s campaign of ‘Go Vocal for Local’ is to support local businesses & buy from them only. As a regional business, you can use such hashtags in your post, or support it by making the team of local artisans. There is no fixed way to use it. However, your hashtag campaigns can go trending if they relate with numerous other creative minds.

  • Go & talk to people

Don’t spam your customers with the wave of promotional messages. But, you can start an interaction with your audience & talk about your offerings. Once you develop a connection with them, you can share the promotional messages & even ask them to share with their connections. Believe it or not, social media is to connect with people & grow your network; if you personalize your contacts, people will stick to you. Though it is a time taking process, it is worth giving your time & efforts.

  • Customer support

You have to reduce your customer response time as much as you can. Since you will be informed about the message received via push notifications, you can address the customer concerns via your Twitter handle.

Twitter must be the only way to connect & interact with your fans & followers, but it must surely be one of the channels to connect with your customers. You may receive a positive response or negative; you need to be responsive to both of them. More tactfully & timely, you will answer it, the better impact it will have on your brand’s reputation.

  • Share the benefits over features

In contrast to other social channels, you are limited by Twitter to be precise. Though there happens to be an increment in the word limit from 140 characters to 280 characters, you are still bound to share your message in limitations. Thereby, you can’t rely on 280 characters to deliver your message righteously. However, catchy graphics & interactive media elements can add your story more easily.

Don’t talk about the product features; people can check those in specifications. When you share your products on social channels, talk about the benefits & utility of that product. This will improve the understanding of the utility of products even amongst users of other countries. They may have distinct names for the same product, but usability can be the reason to increase your reach.

  • Paid promotion

Irrespective of your idea behind the Tweet, it will not last longer than an hour. Does this imply that all of your efforts in creating graphics & relevant content are worth nothing?

Well, the answer is partial, yes. Twitter’s algorithm shows the latest Tweets only, so your tweets may not get the same attention that they have been getting in the first hour of posting. The sponsored Tweets can save you from this misery by allowing your tweets to be visible only to your targeted audience. With this precision, there are greater chances of interaction on your tweet. If you have created a sponsored tweet post with CTA, users will likely navigate through them.

The placement of tweets in different social channels, apps, & even tweet remarketing ideas will surely improve your business’s reach. When you plan the launch of seasonal products, the promotional campaigns across all the platforms can keep you guarded against all the sides.

  • Twitter card

twitter card - ecommerce marketing

Twitter cards are known to improve the engagement on your profile & enhance the customer experience. The rich media elements & snaps that will be visible with the tweet are the previews fetched from the URL shared.

The URL must be of the conversion page, and the media elements are known to entice users to navigate to the link shared. If you want to tweak the image for your Twitter card, that will be possible, but it may not navigate the users & will open as a distinct media. To know more about their benefits, you can connect with your market team & pin this idea to improve CTR through your tweets.

These are some of the ideas that can collectively help you build engagement through your channel & even on your ecommerce site. After an analysis of several factors & with competitor analysis, you can frame your marketing strategy to make Twitter work for your business niche.

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