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Like every ecommerce enthusiast, you see yourself as a brand. Don’t you dream of being like next Adidas, Nike, or Puma?

Obviously, you do!

But, success doesn’t come overnight; it’s the hard work of years that get paid from time-to-time. You can see the tenure for which they are sustained in the market. The more time you spend in the industry, the higher will be the trust, and more will be your value. But, you need to start at least from somewhere. Your ecommerce website is there to give you the kick-off. Once you launch your store, there are several marketing strategies that you can implement to get the most out of your business.

To create and design your store, there are numerous options available. You can opt for open-source content management software or ecommerce website maker. Else, you can try building your store on the ecommerce platforms. The choice depends upon numerous factors like the size of the store, expected traffic, count of inventory, level of customization, expansion requirements, and much more.

We know you are crazily planning the success and expecting it to happen, just the next day. But, believe me, that’s not the way it will work. You need to be realistic about your plans and their implementation. When you are launching your startup as a one-man army or with a team size of 4-5 members, an ecommerce platform can be the best option.

What is an ecommerce platform?

Ecommerce platforms are the online platforms that allow you to lay the foundation of your store and manage all the business know-how using the available features. Unlike the website builder sites, they do not only help you create your store. But, they arm you with all the necessary tools to streamline different business activities.

There are several ecommerce platforms available online. Builderfly is the best ecommerce platform that can help you build and manage your online business.

How does Builderfly stand ahead of other ecommerce platforms?

Builderfly is the only ecommerce platform available online that empowers you with an online store builder as well as the readymade ecommerce app. So, in the budget of creating an ecommerce store, you can launch your native mobile app as well.

What’s more?

Builderfly is the AI-powered ecommerce store that lets you manage the content between your store and mobile app in the single go. The AI-enabled app will help you improvise the customer experience with your brand. We believe that’s an amazing deal to kick-start your ecommerce journey.

How can you build your ecommerce store with Builderfly?

To build your ecommerce website with Builderfly, firstly, you need to register your business. Click on ‘Get Started’ and complete the sign-up process. Within 3 minutes, you will have your store ready with the basic yet fully-functional theme. You can create your store for free and use all the ecommerce functionalities within your 14-days trial period without any fees. In the meantime, you can select the best business plan to continue with.

From the Builderfly marketplace, you can check for free as well as paid themes. With access to the source code and basic HTML-CSS editors, you can personalize each section of your web page. We empower you with the complete access to customize your store as per your primary idea of building a store. It will help you build your identity as a brand and stand straight in the market.

How an ecommerce platform helps you manage your ecommerce website?

As a user of an ecommerce platform, you are offered all the ecommerce functionalities integrated with your store to successfully run an ecommerce business. Here are the features that direct your online business:

  • On-page SEO: To improve the exposure of your store, you need to update the on-page SEO. For any website, it is the first thing to do. With the in-built options to update SEO, you don’t need expert assistance; rather, you can update the SEO of your site on your own.
  • Payment gateways: The integrated payment gateways help you enable various modes of payment to place orders via your online store. The majority of ecommerce platforms have links with 3-4 payment gateways to backup your services.
  • Shipping service: The ecommerce platforms partner with leading shipping companies to offer you a discounted shipping service on your platform. If you create your store with Builderfly, you can enable real-time shipping quotes for your products. Thus, improve the chances of conversion from your shop.
  • Integration of sales channels: Ecommerce platforms let you link your existing sales channels to your store. It helps you manage your multiple sales channels via a single platform, thus, reducing your worries to handle numerous sales channels distinctly. If you have created your store with Builderfly, you can manage the orders, inventory, invoices, and everything via a single dashboard.
  • Integrated CRM: CRM helps you manage the database of your customers. It will include personal information, orders placed, interest, products often visited, etc. The contact information that you collect with the help of CRM helps you market your products and upsell them.
  • Recover your abandoned carts: Cart recovery is one of the most exceptional features that can improve the conversion of your store. Because of the abandoned cart recovery feature, you approach the customer and ask them if they are still looking for the product they left in cart.
  • Marketing tools: The marketing features like email marketing, discounts, gift card creation, reviews and rating, ad campaigns, and management of the campaigns helps in bringing quality traffic to your store. You sell, cross-sell, up-sell to grow your improve your conversion rate.
  • Customer support: You can offer a flawless experience to your customers by enabling live chat assistance as well as email or telephonic support. This will help you address the customer’s concerns in a timely manner. You can automate the emails and responses to ease your business processes.

To create your online store with Builderfly, we have a step-by-step guide ready for you. Additionally, the resources under the blog section can help you stay updated with the trends. If you need any professional assistance to grow your business, you can write us support@builderfly.com.

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