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Shopify and Builderfly both are the champions of the ecommerce industry. Though Shopify has been serving for more than a decade, so, the popularity index is quite huge. Builderfly has started making its fan base and gaining its popularity among the business enthusiasts.

The ecommerce platforms are dedicated to improve the customer experience and help all businesses create their store on their own, without any technical knowledge. Though the underlying notion behind both the ecommerce platforms is the same, they stand with differences in their features and functionalities.

Shopify gives you the power of tools and features that are good to grow your business from your first sale to full scale. Whereas, Builderfly arms you with tools to manage offline and online sales completely.

Let’s talk about the latest differences between Shopify and Builderfly in 2020:

  • Pricing plan:
    difference between pricing plans of Shopify & Builderfly, advantage Builderfly.
    Shopify has subscription-based business plans only. To build your store with Shopify, you can register, start your free trial and choose the pricing plan to launch your store. On the other hand, Builderfly offers a single-time activation plan as well as subscription-based business plans to help businesses of all sizes. If you are a startup business, you can sign up for the Builderfly Startup plan to create and launch your store for free.On signing up with the Builderfly startup plan, you will get lifetime free access to your store. With single-time activation charges, you can launch your business without worrying much about the regular expenses in your store. For sure, this is a profitable deal for businesses, especially newly rising entrepreneurs and youth-prenuers, to start their venture at the earliest.
  • Theme & Customization:
    Theme & Customization difference between Shopify & Builderfly, advTheme & Customization difference between Shopify & Builderfly, advantage Builderfly.antage Builderfly.
    Shopify has selective free themes only and without many options of customization. To get access to the source code of the theme or add a unique look to your store, you need to purchase a theme from the Shopify theme store, which will add the cost of $140-$180 to your budget. If you want to make some core changes, you need to hire experts or look for additional third-party plugins, which will again increase expenses.Builderfly allows you are choosing free themes for your store from the Builderfly theme store. By using ready-to-implement themes for different sections of your store, you can give a unique look to your store. Since there are templates for every section of the web pages of your store, you can maintain uniqueness throughout the theme. You will be given access to edit HTML/CSS code of your store to try and implement some technical tidbits if you like to.
  • Mobile Commerce:
    Builderfly provides free ecommerce mobile apps but Shopify doesn't, advantage Builderfly.
    Due to the change in customer interaction patterns, businesses, as well as platforms, are adapting this and coming up with distinct solutions. Shopify allows you to shop third-party plugins and apps to upgrade the customer experience on ecommerce stores. If you wish to launch your m-commerce app, you have to hire experts for the same. Shopify offers a POS app and third-party apps that can be downloaded to manage an offline and online business in a single go.Builderfly stands ahead of Shopify by offering access to the native mobile app builder. Our intuitive mobile app builder helps you design your mobile app on your own, just like you have created your web store. You need not bother about adding extra dollars to your budget, as it will come for free with your subscription-based plans. Our step-by-step guide will help you from the process of designing a mobile app to launching it globally.
  • Transaction charges: When you have just launched your ecommerce business, it is tough to get visitors. Getting a first customer is another struggle. That’s why Builderfly gives you the chance to reduce the overhead charges by creating your store for free, and there are no transaction charges on your regular sales. If you are making payment using the credit cards, you naturally have to pay 2.0% charges for the transaction fees, but that’s the amount charged by the payment gateway. Builderfly doesn’t charge any hidden fees to its merchants as well as customers.Shopify registered businesses are set to pay the transaction fees of 0.5%-2% of the sales value of the product. This is in addition to the payment processing fees levied by payment gateways.

We have mentioned the vital differences between the two renowned ecommerce platforms, namely Shopify and Builderfly. You can sign-up for free and check the micro as well as macro features with which Builderfly can help you in laying the foundation of your business. If you have any other queries, you can write to us at support@builderfly.com.

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