What is the easiest eCommerce website builder
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Howdy Entrepreneurs & Youthpreneurs!

If the bug of ecommerce already bites you, we are sure that you are craving to launch your online store as soon as possible. The dream of that 6-7 figure amount in the account is fascinating, but it’s not that easy, as it may look.

Your first step is to select products and showcase them in your store. During the research phase, you will come across several websites, creating tools, open-source CMS, website builder sites, ecommerce platforms, and the sources that can help you manage your online store. But, the challenge is; either you are running out of the budget, or you don’t have the technical knowledge to design your store on your own.

This lengthens your journey of research and leaves you with the misery of overthinking.

What if, we will get you access to an ecommerce solution that lets you create your store with minimum efforts?

Happy! And instantly want to know more about it?

Sure, no worries. We will share all of the details.

Before moving ahead, let us tell you more about ecommerce website builders.

What is an ecommerce website builder?

Ecommerce website builders are comprehensive website builder sites that enable creating and designing an ecommerce site without any technical know-how. With the help of pre-designed professionally created themes and templates, they let you build an online store. Most, but not all, ecommerce website builder sites allow you to host your sites on their platform. If that’s not a possibility, you have to host your site on the external web hosting sites.

You purchase the personal domain as per the name of your business, host on the server as per the essential requirements, and explore the best ecommerce solutions that can help you design a store. When you create your online store with the help of an ecommerce website builder, you need not look for the individual plugins to add shopping carts, product catalog, and so on. Ecommerce website builder is a comprehensive ecommerce solution to create, personalize, and launch your store without any delay. They have required ecommerce website functionalities in-built as a feature.

How is an ecommerce website builder different from an ecommerce solution platform?

Ecommerce website builders can be considered as a subset of ecommerce platforms offering all ecommerce services as a solution.

When you just want to create, launch, and manage an online store, ecommerce website builders can do it for you. Other than web designing and necessary customization, there is nothing more that you can explore with website builders. Even if you want to add new features to your store, you have to seek professional assistance for the same because they don’t offer you any access to the source code of the theme. You can use the default theme or purchase one, externally.

Whereas, ecommerce platforms are the online solution providers that allow you to create your online store and streamline your business activities. They have several tools integrated to ease the conduction of your online store. Ecommerce platform is the umbrella term to call the collection of all ecommerce functionalities that will be required for your business at its varying stages.

The ecommerce website builders charge you one-time fees to create a store, in addition to recurring fees of hosting and domain. But, ecommerce platforms charge recurring fees over the tenure of a month or year to let you use all the ecommerce functionalities. The platform may or may not charge any transaction fees to process your orders. The allowance of transaction fees and any other hidden charges to be charged or not solely depends upon the ecommerce platform that you chose.

In simple terms, every ecommerce platform can serve the functionality of an ecommerce website builder. But, the opposite is not possible at all.

What is the easiest ecommerce website builder?

If you’ve ever tried using the open-source website building options, you already know the time and skills required to create and launch a store. It’s surely not an easy task. Some of the ecommerce website builders are also created in a fashion that you will need at least a little technical knowledge to create an online store.

On the other end, an ecommerce website builder platform that lets you create your store on your own with no technical knowledge at all can be regarded as the easiest ecommerce website builder. You don’t have to search for the tools or explore the functional themes for your store. It is perfect to have all the tools, themes, options available to you, just after a single sign-up. In this way, you can make the most out of your business.

When you are seeking for the ecommerce website builder to get you an online store, Builderfly can be the best choice.

Why is Builderfly best to build your ecommerce website?

Builderfly is not just an ecommerce website builder, and that’s where it wins the race. Builderfly is the ecommerce platform that empowers you with an ecommerce website builder, m-commerce mobile app builder, and integrated functionalities to manage your online business.

The primary benefit of opting Builderfly is, you will have access to all of these features within the budget of creating an online store. We think that’s a great deal to go ahead with.

Since we are talking about building an ecommerce store, let us tell you more about Builderfly’s online store builder.

  • Create your store: First things first, to create your store, register yourself at Builderfly, and get a fully functional store ready with sample products. You can edit and replace the entire content of your ecommerce store as per your choice. You get your default store prepared with the basic theme only. But, we don’t bound you to fill more colors to your canvas.
  • Select a theme to customize: The business stories are hard to describe with the basic theme of your store. Builderfly marketplace has a fairly good collection of unpaid as well as paid themes. You can filter them based on the customer’s reviews, ratings, and target industry for which they are designed. The first and foremost thing is, it will keep you from the trouble of exploring themes on external platforms.
  • Personalize different sections of your store: When you are creating your ecommerce store, each section must be one of your choices. To do so, you can personalize different parts of your store with numerous ready-to-implement templates that we have available for you. From the selection of the menu type, sub-types, categories to the pattern of product detail pages, you can personalize it all.
  • Launch your store for free: Builderfly is the only ecommerce platform that has plans like ecommerce website builder as well as subscription-based, like other ecommerce platforms. If you fit in the eligibility criteria of startup businesses, you can get benefited from Builderfly Startup Plan under Builderfly Go. Leveraging this plan, you can build and launch your ecommerce website for free. You don’t have to pay any recurring charges for the same. Under the Builderfly startup plan, you will also get basic features to market your products and manage your business. However, if you want to get benefited from the advanced ecommerce functionalities, an advanced business plan can make it happen for you.
  • Add functionalities of your choice: Builderfly gives you access to update the HTML/CSS of different sections of your store and add new functionalities to your store. Now, this may not sound such an attractive feature to you if you are from a non-tech background. But, if you know the basic ins and outs of coding, you can leverage this feature to personalize your ecommerce website in your way.
  • Update your policy pages & settings: While you’re building your store, you can create/update the policy pages in the meantime. The settings of your ecommerce store and policy pages are must-haves to launch an online store. Before you make your store live, the policy pages should be updated as per your return, refund, selling, and order cancellation policies. In our Builderfly store, we have readymade templates for your policy pages; you can add them to your store directly. If you want, you can update them as well.
  • Update on-page SEO: Builderfly’s store builder section is provided with the full on-page SEO options for all pages of your website. From product detail pages to category pages, we have all of them covered for you. You don’t need to make additional efforts to update the SEO of your store; rather, you can do so while creating the product listings. Also, you can check your site’s SEO when you do the content audit before launching. This way, you can work strategically and won’t leave any point in the checklist of creating an online store.

This is all about building an online store with Builderfly. As soon as you connect your domain to your account, your store will get live. That’s why it is a good practice to check your store as soon as you make it live. If you want professional services like product photography or digital marketing to promote it well to the community, you can write to us at support@builderfly.com.