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Mobile commerce accounts for more than 50% of the net sales of an ecommerce store.

Do you think mobile commerce is only about sales through mobile apps?

No! That’s a pure myth.

Mobile commerce gives a wider perspective on business. It involves the sale through all sizes of mobile devices, mobile banking, and mobile payments. The ease of usage of mobile devices & broad reach is the primary reason behind the increasing count of mobile users.

Shopping has always been a mobile activity, and this is the same freedom that everyone enjoys about mobile commerce. You can change the screen resolutions as per your preference and still keep your research going with multiple devices simultaneously.

Availability of Affordable Smart Devices

Do you know that there used to be a booking of years for taking a single landline connection before two decades? Yes, and that too just for calling. The usage of the Internet was minimal and was never this easily accessible. It’s the technological innovation that led us where we are. Now, the majority of us are using two mobile phones.

The availability of affordable smartphones is one of the major reasons behind this novel trend of smartphones & smart devices. That’s how 4.8 billions of people are using smartphones across the globe. Along with smart devices, the Internet’s high speed is another major factor behind the progressive usage of smart devices.

Chatbots & Messenger Apps

Chatbots & Messenger Apps

The chatbots and messenger apps come handy with mobile devices. They are known to keep people engaged and improvise communication patterns. You can reach directly to the businesses like never before, and its really easy.

While talking about messenger apps and their contribution to mobile commerce, how can you forget the business-specific updates introduced by WhatsApp Business!

Many resellers and wholesalers are dealing in their network and growing their business with hassle-free catalog creation, grouping, and sharing options with WhatsApp Business and Facebook Messenger by integrating it into their store.

Trend of Social-Commerce

Believe it or not, ecommerce was there even when social media platforms were not available. But, the arrival of social media elevated ecommerce business to the next level. Mobile commerce gave birth to social commerce, and it is definitely giving a boost to businesses. The reason behind this new trend is the increasing usage of social media platforms daily. You may not be actually doing anything with your mobile phone, but scrolling the feeds is like everyone’s favorite activity. Across the world, there happen to be 3.6 billion active users on social channels & that’s where businesses are promoting their products now. On social channels, people keep talking about their day-to-day problems. If they get a solution in terms of products or services exactly, the chances of conversion are likely more.

The advanced shopping features on social channels like Facebook Marketplace, Instagram Shop, Google Merchant Center, Pinterest buyable pins are the best chances to reach the masses as a brand and set up your business digitally.

Omnichannel Presence

Though it sounds really an intimidating terminology, omnichannel presence is actually a wider perspective given to contextual marketing. In laymen’s terms, it is that you are present wherever your customers are. Be it in the online market, offline market, social media, marketplaces, or anywhere else.

The more you spend time marketing your products and services, the greater will be your collection of data in which you can deeper to find the list of all fruitful platforms for your business. Definitely, it’s not some new concept, and it’s been there traditionally for ages, but now with the advent of mobile technology, the platforms are multiplying. With a single click, you can access so many platforms and explore endless opportunities for growth.

Variety of Payment Options

Variety of Payment Options

While shopping online, the biggest risk is that of banking credentials. Likewise, when you open an online store, you need to be extra cautious about your store’s security and that of your customer’s personal data. The wide range of payment options can reduce this trouble with more authentic payment methods. Now, customers don’t need to feed their card details on every website; instead, they can choose their preferred payment method to place an order.

Net banking, UPI, mobile banking, and digital wallets, you can enable them on your store simply by configuring the PCI DSS compliant payment gateway to your online store. These one-click solutions will convert a critical process of placing orders into an easy one and improve your store’s conversion rate. Further, you can count on those payment methods that promote currency conversion to let you sell globally via a single store.

Advanced mobile features

It doesn’t matter if you are a user of a mobile app or surfing through the website on your smartphone, the features of the device in hand will definitely improvise your shopping experience. Let’s say you are shopping on some website where you have an option of social sharing; this will help you share it with your friends instantly to take an opinion before shopping. On the other hand, you search more on the web and find a similar product on other websites, but they don’t have social sharing enabled. The screenshot feature of your smartphone can solve your trouble instantly at that time. Likewise, geolocation features, scan and search options, push notifications, etc. make shopping easy for you.

Mobile apps – An ultimate ecommerce booster

The straightforward installation of mobile apps and swift surfing throughout shopping is crucial for customers using mobile apps. With almost negligible load time, customers can explore, compare, and shop products. Ecommerce businesses are often inclined towards mobile apps compared to a customized website, as it is more handy and affordable. However, it is better not to rely on one source and multiply the sales options as many as one could handle. The features of mobile apps are known to reduce marketing costs and optimize your campaigns in a much smarter way.

Mobile commerce is booming, and festival season is right here. It would be best to start trying out ways to approach your potential clients in the market rather than comparing the possible ways and outcomes.

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