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In 2019, worldwide e-commerce retail sales accounted for USD 3.53 Trillion, which is expected to get doubled by 2023, as per research by Statista.

Also, In 2021, over 2.14 billion people globally are expected to buy goods and services online, up from 1.66 billion global digital customers in 2016.

From these stats, you can figure out that your success as an eCommerce retail is sure to occur.

However, you need to be consistent in your efforts to take your business to the next level.

Your primary objective as a business is to satisfy your customers. Greater will be the count of satisfied customers; higher will be the rate of conversion of your store. Personalized customer experience is the key factor that numerous are trying to enhance the ROI of their business. 2020 is surely the year of technological trends, and following them, you can improvise the customer relationship.

First things first- get your web store developed.

Do you have an eCommerce store of your own?

If you don’t have an eCommerce store by now and you are selling via other sales channels, we believe it’s the right time to build one for your business.

You can count on the full-fledged eCommerce platform like

Builderfly to design an eCommerce store for your business. It’s not only about building your web presence, but it’s about finding the right eCommerce platform which at-large can streamline your business and optimized as per the current trends online.

Builderfly arms you with plenty of eCommerce features like abandoned cart recovery, staff account creation, real-time shipping quotes, which can be the major factors for the success of your business. In addition to this, we let you enhance your reach by:

  • Designing your Native Mobile App:

    Yes, you’ve heard it right. By registering yourself at Builderfly, you can design your native m-commerce app without paying anything extra. In today’s date, when two-third of the eCommerce transactions are happening via mobile users, the m-commerce app can help you better reach your target audience. This way, along with the mobile-friendly sites, your exposure in the market grows among the mobile app users. Since it is a DIY eCommerce platform, you can create your store as well as a mobile app on your own and customize the design as per the theme of your business. The best thing for you is, the data between your mobile app and web store is in sync. This implies you don’t have to face all the trouble of managing databases distinctly at two platforms; rather, it will be accomplished single-handedly.

  • Gain insights with AI:

    Artificial Intelligence works completely on the grounds of machine learning. Deploying AI for your store, you can understand your customer interaction pattern and also see the live customer behavior on your mobile app. This can help you offer personalized customer experience and give live discount offers to your customers. This will surely reduce the rate of cart abandonment and improve the chances of conversion, especially on the verge of abandonment. When you navigate your customers to the products and services they are looking for in the recommendation section, you will get more happy buyers on the list.

How can I Upgrade the face of my business in 2020?

Once you are done with creating an eCommerce store, you must count on the technological advancements surfacing in 2020, which can help you flourish your business. Adapting these trends, you are sure to see your business grow in the coming year.

  • Automation of services:

    When you start afresh, you will find yourself doing all the business chores. But, don’t worry, we have numerous software solutions to help you through the journey and be your virtual assistants. If you don’t have a site, we recommend you to count on the top eCommerce platforms rather than eCommerce site builder, as they the full package of requisite e-commerce software integrated as features. Even if you already own a site, don’t worry, you can look for additional software and plugins to automate your business activities at various levels. Opt for CRM to streamline your business contacts as well as manage your customers. Check for accounting software to manage your accounting and taxation troubles rather than doing it on your own in a manual fashion. You can also look for inventory management software to handle your massive stock and manage fulfillment in the meantime.

  • Personalize your store with Voice commerce:

    Though the feature of voice search was initially to build a connection between less tech-savvy people with the technology, now it turning as an SEO standard. Search Engine Land and Google via researches came across the conclusion that approximately 20 percent of searches are voice-based.

    Also, Forbes says that today’s market of $2 billion of voice search gonna expand to $40 billion by 2020.

    Now, that’s a massive growth to consider. Voice search based options make it easier for everyone to shop without the efforts of manually typing and doing it all.

  • Grow your sales with dynamic pricing:

    In 2014, eBay was the only eCommerce site that use to allow customers to purchase for varying range of the product based on the bid issued. It was like a general bidding scenario where customers use to share their bids, and one who placed the highest bid in the time got the deal converted in hand. Amazon took this idea of bidding to another level by allowing sellers to sell for varying prices based on the trend. Flight and bus booking companies are already leveraging this option of dynamic pricing; you can try some for your business.

    Revealing the concept of dynamic pricing, you set the range of price that you want your customer to pay on purchasing your product. By enabling the option of dynamic pricing at your store, you maintain competitive selling rates as per trends. You stay not only competitive but also able to maintain your profitability score.

  • Drones to deliver your products:

    In the webinar given by Sprint Business and Entrepreneur.com on “The Future of Business: Where Will We Be by 2020?” we listened about the impact of drones and autonomous vehicles to automate eCommerce product delivery. We are sure that you’ve heard of Amazon’s drone delivery for the products traveling region to region.

    To walk with the trends, you can also opt for a drone-based delivery system to bring your business in the limelight. Though it’s tough to deal with the heavy products, you can surely try it for your lightweight products.

    So, before you witness some of your product delivered in your window via drone, try to fly and deliver your products to your customer’s window.

  • Lets bots personally attend your customers:

    Even in traditional stores, it’s not possible to address the issues of each and every customer, especially during peak hours. But, you can assist each of your customers personally, even when you are miles away from them.

Are you wondering, how?

Well, chatbots can make it possible for you. A chatbot is an automated software that can attend your customers and talk to them just like you! Yes, they are bots, but they learn via machine learning, they are designed in a fashion that they adapt the user interaction pattern and serve accordingly. By enabling the live chat software at your store, you can interact with your customers on your own, but when you are not available, the chatbot can do your task. Chatbots can be a great asset for you, especially from the perspective of lead collection.

These ideas can revolutionize your journey as an eCommerce business in this vary year. You can try all of these to advance your customer’s shopping experience. If you want to customize your Builderfly store with any other trending technology, you can opt for a customizable enterprise-grade business plan or reach us at support@builderfly.com to help you with possibility.

We wish you all the success to exponentially grow your business in the coming years.

Happy Selling!

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