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As indicated by Statista, retail ecommerce deals were 2.3 trillion US dollars in 2017. These numbers are relied upon to contact 4.8 trillion US dollars in 2021. Here’s a certain shot: ecommerce industry is developing at an enormous rate, and there’s no point thinking back for a long prolonged stretch of time. Ecommerce industry is opening new entryways each and every day, and sections of the land of business visionaries are watching out for this industry. Much the same as the brilliant group, in case you’re pondering selling something on the web, we’re covering 10 best ecommerce platforms. Each referenced platform in this article is a decent alternative for a couple of sorts of business. For instance: Builderfly is most appropriate for medium and enormous scale organizations.

This article will assist you with learning:

One platform that could be the best fit for your business.

These ecommerce platforms have increased a great deal of fame over the most recent few years. Some are known for their simple to-utilize nature, some for their highlights, and some for their customization capacities.

How about we get familiar with some significant things about the best ecommerce platform and attempt to make sense of why is it the best fit for your business.


Builderfly is a revolutionary ecommerce store builder for website and mobile app with the powerful use of Artificial Intelligence. Any individual can create a completely customizable online store and a personalized native mobile app using the power of AI without being a technical expert. Builderfly customers can design their store their way and focus on selling their products to the maximum customers. Builderfly is a complete do-it-yourself platform that includes creating an online store, adding products, choosing templates, uploading pictures, processing orders, creating pages, offering discount coupons, building powerful mobile application, selling everything online at one platform, getting tips to grow business, and managing the online store.

The ecommerce industry is growing at a lightning pace. Although ecommerce owners know the importance of quality product description, the negligence of store optimization still prevails. Even with the rising mobile culture, the majority of the ecommerce platforms offer mobile application as an add-on service to building an online store. A study proved that about 75% of the population doubted the website’s credibility based on its store design.  To bring a halt over these problems and revolutionize the ecommerce industry, Builderfly – one of the fastest-growing ecommerce platforms is taking over the market. It allows the user to build a fully customizable online store and a personalized mobile application without being a tech-savvy. All the technical management including HTML and coding is handled by Builderfly. Being a Builderfly customer, one gets the power to design the store – their way, and focus on selling the products to the maximum customers.

Builderfly is a do-it-yourself platform that includes creating an online store, adding products, choosing templates, uploading pictures, processing orders, creating pages, offering discount coupons, building powerful mobile applications, selling everything online at one platform, getting tips to grow business, and managing the online store. The user can sell their products everywhere including online marketplaces, web, and social media platforms. Moreover, the selling platforms can be integrated into the Builderfly account and managed from one dashboard. Additionally, there is a 24/7 assistance from Builderfly to resolve any queries at every stage of the process.

Features of Builderfly

Features of Builderfly ecommerce platform

Builderfly brings all distinct features essential for building an online presence into a single platform. Some of the significant features include:

Web-based store builder

It allows the customers to create an online website and sell products to reach the maximum customers at a go.

Free mobile app

Builderfly provides a free mobile app with a distinct design editor that helps in differentiating the mobile app with the web store.

Industry-specific professional themes

All the ready-to-use themes are specially designed by professionals based on different industries.

Native IOS and Android Mobile App

The native mobile app is supported by both iOS as well as Android.

Mobile Editor

The mobile editor allows the customer to customize the mobile app that best defines their brand.

Fully customizable online store

The selectively picked themes can be customized to give the special touch f the customer’s brand with Builderfly

Unlimited bandwidth

The unlimited bandwidth allows the users to connect and build a clientele base without any limits.

Unlimited storage

It allows the user to store unlimited data in the Builderfly store without any hassles.

Instant feature updates

The user receives instant feature updates for the best experience.

99.98% uptime

Builderfly makes sure to avoid the store downtime and maintain the maximum uptime for the best results.

Migrating and onboarding facility

If the user already sells products on a different platform, the data can be migrated and onboarded to the Builderfly store.

Option to connect an existing domain

The user can connect an already existing domain to the Builderfly store to give an impactful store name.

Free SSL certificate

The user can get a free SSL certificate to ensure the security of the store link.

Customer profiles, accounts & groups management

The user can manage the customer profiles, accounts, and other groups, all from a single Builderfly dashboard.

Order management

The orders placed can be efficiently managed by the user with Builderfly

Email templates

The user gets ready-to-use email templates to send impactful emails to their customers.

Marketing & SEO

On-page optimization and SEO tactics are provided with Builderfly for the right marketing.


The user can request for professional photographers from Builderfly for high-quality product photography.

Digital Marketing

The user can request to hire a digital marketing team from Builderfly to manage the marketing of their online store.

Content management system

The content posted on the website can be curated and managed efficiently with Builderfly.

Search engine optimization

Builderfly helps in building web traffic using search engine optimization.

Sitemap indexing

Builderfly helps in indexing the user’s website to increase the customer-reach.

HTML and CMS editing facility

If the user has the know-how of coding, he/she can edit the HTML and CMS as per their preference.

Social media integration

The user can integrate their social media selling platforms and manage the selling on multiple platforms using one dashboard.

Unlimited product selling

All the paid subscription plans allow the user to sell unlimited products to their customers.

Stock management

The user can manage the orders, tracking, storing, and the inventory with Builderfly.

Gift cards

The user can choose to send gift cards to their customers to gift them the best experience.

Abandoned cart recovery

If a customer abandons a cart, Builderfly sends the required action to be done to retrieve a customer.

Automatic taxation

Based on the location of the store’s origin, taxation is managed by Builderfly.

In-built Google Analytics

The in-built Google Analytics help in scaling the online store to the top.

24/7 monitoring and support

At all stages of business development, Builderfly offers monitoring and support services round the clock.

The last words

It’s never simple picking the correct answer for your business. There’s constantly a danger of losing chances to scale your business. In any case, all it truly comes down to is the thing that your business needs and can manage. Think about whether you’re in a situation to sprinkle out on additional help, designers, or do you incline toward easier to use interfaces that you can deal with yourself? Start with that, and you’ll experience no difficulty finding the arrangement that is directly for you. Good karma!

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