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Everyone willing to start their online business is driven towards the extensive reach, endless scalability options, and getting sales round-the-clock. Ecommerce is the growth hacking business in the present scenario, which definitely makes a lot of difference.

But, there are hundreds of questions about starting an online business and making it work.

The major problem is to find the right target audience and adding orders in your cart. Bringing sales is not an easy game, and you have to work hard for it when you are launching your ecommerce store. This clearly tells that you won’t start counting the cash from the very next day.

But, that’s the problem, and there must be an alternative for the same. Isn’t it?

Well, there is! Ecommerce marketplaces provide the common platform where different sellers can register to sell their products, and customers can place their orders directly. When millions and billions of customers are already coming on any website to purchase the products, selling will not be that tough job anyway.

Talking about a decade ago, there were only a few websites that let you sell your products online in India. The increasing inclination of the market towards an online business led to the arrival of numerous ecommerce websites. Here, we will be talking about the best websites on which you can instantly start selling your products.

●    Amazon

Amazon is already a popular name in the ecommerce industry. When every ecommerce business wants to be the next Amazon, let’s start selling on Amazon and understanding its policies. To start selling your products in India, you need to register yourself as a seller and feed your GST number. Once your documentation completes, you can start updating your catalog.

If you are a reseller who is selling the products which are already available on Amazon, you can search by the name of products and list them directly by opting to sell yours. Selling on Amazon keeps you from worrying about bringing in traffic to the website. You can concentrate on paid promotions to improve the visibility of your products.

You can opt for Amazon Easy Ship to ship your goods via Amazon Transport System (ATS) and FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) for the lightning-fast delivery of Amazon’s personnel. FBA will help you bring traction to Amazon Prime customers, which will subsequently improve your conversion, especially during periodic sales. You can leverage these services to serve in the B2C markets as well as in the B2B market. The businesses will not only purchase from you, but they can inquire and ask for quotations on which you can negotiate easily.

As an Amazon seller, you get access to a lot of ecommerce service providers for accounting, marketing, photography, and numerous other things at affordable rates. The assistance of Amazon’s customer support team for customers will let you concentrate on the other frontier’s business. If you are stuck anywhere, you can easily connect with Amazon’s support team to resolve your issues.

●    Flipkart

An Indian based ecommerce business that serves only in India, for now, can be another best platform for you to start your entrepreneurial journey. The Big Billion Days & Flipkart Fashion Sales are the most popular of Flipkart sales that can drive a lot of profit for your business. Registering on Flipkart won’t take more than a few minutes, but the profile verification may take a day or two.

Once your profile is verified, you can list your products and submit your listings for Quality Check. Initially, you may not like this feature. Still, you will totally adore QC for the creation of quality product detail pages only.

After ownership of Walmart in Flipkart, it plans a lot on the scalability of the platform, product categories, and variant options. Brand approval is a must for selling on Flipkart. Further, if you get a trademark for your business, it will be fantastic for you. Flipkart Fulfillment is exactly like FBA service, but that’s an invite-only program for best-performing sellers.

Flipkart Smart Fulfillment service is a lot helpful for businesses to process orders from their own warehouse without even paying anything for extra. When you are busy managing your offline business, you can opt for Flipkart Paid Account Management (PAM) to help you manage your Flipkart sales distinctly. Such options are a lot more beneficial for the scalability of your business.

●    Paytm Mall

‘Paytm Karo’ is working well, even when GPay and UPI options are available. Paytm grew from payment gateway to payment wallet and is now gaining pace in ecommerce as Paytm Mall. By registering yourself as a seller in PayTm Mall, you can gather the attention of all those sellers who are already users of Paytm. Since there is a single app to make paytm as well as to earn offers and shop via Paytm Mall, users likely search for products when they get the discount coupons. Paytm timely launches discounts and share coupon codes for getting deals from Paytm Mall, which keeps the flow of customers going.

●    Snapdeal

Though Snapdeal is an old player in ecommerce, it’s behind the websites, as mentioned earlier. Starting back in 2010 with the best deals and coupons from the food chains to different niches, they were made to jump in the ecommerce market on customer’s demand. You can start selling on Snapdeal just after completion of registration. You can get support from professionals for cataloging & account management services to make your listings live immediately. The commission-based business model is the same as that of other online selling sites.

●    Meesho

With the latest trend of social selling, Meesho gained a lot of popularity in the Indian market. If you have a huge inventory and availability of products in bulk, seller registration on Meesho can be a lot beneficial for you. Though the payment cycle works in the fortnight’s tenure, getting orders won’t be tough as other resellers will be sharing it in their network.

You can share this catalog in your network and give your contacts the opportunity to benefit by reselling their products. The network-based selling is best to improve your brand’s reach & add value to net sales.

You can try registering your business on any or all of these platforms to start selling your products now!

It is important to remember that ecommerce marketplaces are based on the same model of commission-based sales. So, once you get stability in sales, it is always best to search for the right platform and start building your online store. If you are yet to create, we recommend you to register your business with Builderfly and get your store ready within 10 minutes. You can customize it to every extent and optimize your profit. For more information, write to us at

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