Which Type of Website can be the Most Advanced E-commerce Site & How you can Create One
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Every ecommerce site is designed with only one motive i.e., to sell products or services it is promoting. So, what actually makes one website different from the other when there are so many businesses in the industry selling similar types of entities?

It can be the product category that makes the transition, but that’s not the only thing.

Depending upon the business niches, the idea & motivation to start that business, your store’s theme will vary. Your improvement in the approach of presenting your content makes an actual difference. Consider it as a first step to create an advanced ecommerce site. Further, you can count on quality features that can refine the customer experience of your business.

By now, Amazon is one of the most beloved ecommerce websites because of advanced features and customer-centric policies. Let us tell you about some of those advanced features:

Personalized recommendations

While shopping products on Amazon and several other ecommerce sites, you will see the product recommendations under ‘Frequently bought together,’ ‘Customers who bought this item also bought’ and ‘More items to explore’ section. The former two options support up-selling and cross-selling of products, while the latter gives you more choices of similar products depending upon your previous searches. These personalized recommendations help customers find the right product for them and entice them to engage further with the options and dive deeper into your site.

Category-wise search

Category-wise search

Have you ever thought how easily you can find the product of your choice on Amazon even when they a huge inventory of products listed on their site? That’s an algorithm and proper categorization of products in different categories. Amazon lets you search for the product as per the product categories, thus making it convenient for the user to explore and find the best product of their choice. In addition to this category distribution, there is a distinct list of best sellers, daily deals & major categories listed on the menu section making it more accessible for shoppers to explore through your web store.

Comparative study of similar products

One of the crucial reasons for online shopping is you get an ample amount of time to study the product features, compare it with similar deals, and make an informed purchase decision. Amazon’s feature of comparing similar products of different brands is a lot helpful while buying electronic devices and gadgets. When you have all the varying attributes of the display, you will have better knowledge about the product, and you can buy the one that seems most suitable to you since rating & reviews happen to be one of the differentiating factors you can explore and read the response of existing customers adding the product in your cart.

Optimized product detail pages

Ecommerce stores are flooded with the products, product categories, and a variety of images in different image configurations. It’s not the rich feature set of your products on your website that can make it sell, but the quality content, images, and presentation of its unique product attributes that actually makes sense. The better you optimize the content of your product detail pages higher will be the ranking of your website, and more will be the buyers in your store. Though all the merchants on Amazon don’t have access to A+ content pages, you can see those detailed product pages of registered brands and see how distinct they lookIt’s not only about appearance, but you will prefer to shop from those sellers that keep you informed about attributes of your product.



If you are one of those crazy shoppers who keep surfing between different shopping apps or online stores, you hardly remember the products you searched last on the previous website. You probably like to place an order instantly but don’t have enough cash left in your account. To keep the list of all the products your customers want to order the next time they shop, the wishlist is an important feature. It saves you a lot of time to research those products of your choice again & improves the chances of conversion through your store.

Filtered searches

Since ecommerce websites have a huge inventory of products listed on them, finding the right product is not easy. The filtering options that you will enable for your store makes it easier for customers to explore through your wide range of product categories & find the right product of their choice. There can be numerous options to filter your products; the popular ones are price based filtering, color, size, popularity. On Amazon, they also have brands & rating based filter options.

Scan & Search

It is an advanced feature of Amazon’s shopping app that lets you scan the image and search for exactly the similar product you are looking for. This is one of the most viable options for those smartphone users who are not much habitual of these smart devices. When a user gets the right product of their choice, placing an order is never an issue. The scan & search functionality also works as click & search where you can click the image with your mobile camera’s help and search directly on Amazon. It is an advanced application of machine learning. With the help of an algorithm, it helps find the nearest similar product in the search results. If you try scanning the bar code, you will definitely find the exact product if listed on Amazon.

Voice Search

The arrival of smart devices like Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s smart speakers of the Echo series introduced the habit of voice search. So, as you talk to your Google Assistant, you can enable the voice search in your m-commerce app. However, such features are available in the mobile app only and not applicable to the website.

Account information & live order tracking

When you are navigating through an ecommerce site to purchase the products, you must have all the information about your order. Amazon lets customers track the location of the order received and estimated timeline for promised delivery. Customers have full access to their shopping history for an entire year and can easily check it at one click.

This was all about those ecommerce features that an ecommerce giant Amazon is offering to its customers.

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