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2020 has been considered as the growth year of online business conduction for years. We are globally progressing towards digitalization, and the count of digital buyers is expected to cross 2.05 billion by the end of this year. It accounts to 26.28% of the total population of the World.

Everyone knows that e-commerce is a buzzword in the industry. It’s growing in the retail, wholesale, and C2C market as well, covering all the business niches. There are millions of blogs, thousands of podcast channels, and numerous influencers talking about the power of ecommerce.

With the passage of time, ecommerce is finding a greater scope of coverage and more ideas of conversion. Though it all started with just creating a static HTML website, and e-commerce was all about making online payments. Now, e-commerce is offering a broader perspective to businesses. So, there are endless opportunities that e-commerce can unlock for you. And, above everything, e-commerce can serve mankind.

We believe that the present condition can help you understand it better!

The arrival of novel CoronaVirus and its progress in 2020, already posed a lockdown of one-third of the World. In such adverse conditions, its integration of e-commerce with the local market allows people to get the survival products delivered at their doorstep and stay safe at their homes.

When technological advancement is helping the government save lives, we conclude that such development is worth relying upon. Let’s pray for the betterment of the World, and we hope that we will be able to thrive in these odd circumstances. Though Amazon’s drone-based delivery system hasn’t come to reality, you can imagine how it will be helping in the future, as soon as it comes to reality.

Well, this is not it! There are so many reasons responsible for the inclination of people towards e-commerce.

  • Hassle-free shopping: The traditional shopping idea is so tiresome, as you have to travel between the places. More selective your choice, the more troublesome the shopping experience will be. And, it’s not only about shopping in the normal days, but the festive seasons can also bring more challenges for you. Traveling, selecting, buying, and even returns in case it doesn’t fit rightly. If you are a follower of mall culture, the long queue at the store will always be there to welcome you.While shopping online, you have the liberty to check numerous brands, compare the products, prices, and check all the available discount options. You can place an order for your favorite product without going anywhere. With a single click, you can check out and get the products delivered at your place. This all saves a lot of time that you put in the shopping via physical stores.
  • Relaxation of time: There is no need to take out time distinctly for shopping. You can shop from anywhere and at any time—no worries about checking with the opening and closing time of the store and traveling to the shop. You can surf for the products of your choice while you are at the workplace, laying on the bed, planning a vacation, or talking to your friends. So, with the convenient option, you feel like, you will be able to place orders as per your choice.
  • Unlimited choices: You can think of a product, search it on Google, and you will have it displayed on some or other ecommerce stores. You have unlimited options to choose from. Thus, you will not end-up sacrificing your dream product.If you don’t find the product of your choice, you can opt for product customization and get it created as per your choice.It’s totally fantastic! Isn’t it?
  • Pocket-friendly options: Since there are numerous options available, it is easier to compare and check prices. The online discounts, gift vouchers, and cumulative discounts help in getting the pocket-friendly deals.
  • Customer service: In comparison to the physical stores, ecommerce services offer better customer assistance. With the help of social handles, it is easier to get the queries resolved rather than communicating in traditional ways. Also, the quality of the aid is improvised by different modes of assistance tools.

Now, let us share the reasons behind businesses preferring e-commerce:

  • Flexibility to start: In comparison to the traditional market, your expenses will be lesser to create your online store. If you have an idea, you can explore the platforms that can help you start and lay the foundation of your business. Ecommerce gives you the flexibility to start your e-store even while working full-time and generate extra income.
  • Global reach: Opening a brick mortar store can not help you serve the customers across the seas. Your products may be a lot common in your local market, but they can be unique for some other people. The ecommerce will help you widen the reach of your market and unlock better opportunities for growth. Also, you will be able to sell your products at higher rates than that of the global market. Thus, you can witness the profitability of your business.
  • Stay open, 24*7: You can sleep, rest, and enjoy your holidays, and you can keep welcoming orders in the meantime. Online stores can help you manage your personal and professional life more easily. Since you don’t have to sit in your shop to attend to customers, you can manage your orders even on the go. As long as you are connected to the internet, you are connected with the shop. Your online stores enable you the opportunity to get orders round-the-clock. To keep counting the cash that floods in, you must give it a chance to open your online store.
  • Changing customer behavior: Unlike the old days, now people love to shop online. It’s a trend now. From grocery to fashion and books to entertainment, everything is available online. And, it’s not only available, but people are placing orders for foodstuff and daily use products that they can get from the nearby store.Even, they are placing an order on the app of a nearby store!Call it a craze for e-shopping, a trend, or laziness. Ecommerce made its pace in the market, and people are enjoying this comfort of being served at the solace of their home.
  • Ease of understanding demographics: Understanding customer behavior takes time for offline businesses. Though it happens in live, it’s tough to get an understanding of each and every customer coming to your store. Your online store creates an opportunity for you to serve multiple people simultaneously, even in peak hours. You can track the live behavior of your customers, check for the route they are taking to come to your store, and understand their interaction pattern.
  • Optimize your marketing funnel: The online store gives you access to a lot of customer data, including demographics, purchase history, interaction patterns, choices, customer interaction tools. These will help you in creating business goals and optimizing your marketing funnel. Also, you will be able to plot the reason behind customers leaving your conversion cycle.
  • Improve your business strategies: You have created a business plan to start your business. That’s good, but you can’t be sure if that will work in the long run. Business strategies are designed to be updated in a timely fashion. If you don’t update them, you will not be able to thrive in the competition. The online business gives you the liberty to analyze data and update your business as well as marketing strategies to meet the demand of users.
  • Customer support: With the help of social channels, telephonic, and customer support, you can offer round the clock assistance to your customers. It will help you resolve the issues at a much faster rate than the expectation of the customer. With such tactics, you can bring satisfaction to your customers and improve the level of customer engagement with your brand.

You can register your business at Builderfly and spend your free time in building your ecommerce business, so you can launch it in the post lockdown phase. For more queries, you can write to us at support@builderfly.com.

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