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“Are you on WhatsApp with the same number?” “Please share the link to your Facebook page.” “I didn’t see your business on Instagram. Are you new in the industry?”

Well, these are just a few statements or questions that you will come across these days. Social media is not only the platform to communicate, but it is turning as a factor of trust development for businesses.

The trend of online shopping is increasing more than ever before, likewise the count of businesses. With the increase in the competition, it is tough for customers to keep themselves safe against online frauds. Social channels can not vanish the chances, but give an idea about good & trustworthy businesses.

Another key reason behind the increasing usage of social media for ecommerce is the ease of usage. The option of social sharing is available on marketplaces, reselling apps, & even its one of the functionality to be enabled on your online store. With secure sharing options, you can promote easy selling & resell of products. Even if you are not technically sound, you can count on these promotional tactics & stay competitive.

Here are some of the vital reasons proving the inclination of ecommerce business people towards social media channels for their online store.

  • Culture of social commerce:

You may or may not have much idea about Instagram shopping, but you have surely heard of the Facebook marketplace by now. The reach & exposure in the local market is one of the primary benefits of such marketplaces. Since you don’t have to pay anything to make your listing live, you need not bother about your budget.

The users who will be connecting you to enquire are mostly looking for the products. So, you can expect genuine inquiries in at least half of the cases. When you get inquiries via messenger, you can discuss and understand your customer requirement in a much better way.

Likewise, Instagram has an option to convert your page to ‘shop,’ Pinterest can add the ‘buyable pins’ which can make a customer purchase any product directly, or by navigating to your store. By integrating one-step checkout at this stage, you can save many customers from leaving your store and becoming your first-time buyers. Social commerce is the new trend, and users already love this idea.

  • Build brand reputation:

Social media is the necessity of the market in the present condition. It is not only the need; rather, it helps in building the reputation of your business. These days, users often search for social handles of new brands before buying from their website. Creating your presence on social channels is not enough, but you also have to keep them updated.

Initially, social channels help you in creating brand awareness, later it helps in engagement, sharing offers & even connecting with customers. Those potential customers check for your social handle and will not forget to check your customer reviews & rating. You will be judged on each of your reviews and customer experiences & that will turn to the strength of your business.

  • Improvise market penetration:

There are plenty of ways to market your products, and social media can be proved as one of the most approachable ideas. There are several reasons supporting this marketing technique, and ease of usage of the platforms is above everything.

When you launch your startup, there are hardly any people aware of your business other than friends and relatives. You may ask them to share it with their network, but only your close ones will do it, and that too just one time or so. In contrast to this traditional approach, social media platforms easily reach your friends and their network with the promotions & content sharing without even directly flooding their chatbox.

  • Increase the chances of conversion:

The report by DataReportal concludes that 3.96 billion people account for 51% of our total population using social media by July 2020. By using social media for your ecommerce business, you are directly sharing your products with them!

We know that your message will not reach each of these people in the network, and not everyone will bother to purchase from you. But, you can imagine the reach such platforms are capable of giving to your potential audience. With the help of promotional campaigns and appropriate marketing strategy, you can leverage these networks to reach the right set of audience.

When you are connecting & sharing your offerings to the network directly, those interested in your offerings will surely connect with you.

Ideally, people spend at least an hour regularly on social channels, mostly leisure. With your social media posts, you can create the chance to let them interact with your brand or check your latest collection. The more people will engage with your business, the higher will be the chances of conversion at your ecommerce store.

  • Promote frictionless customer service:

Social channels give you the power to grow strong & connect with customers on a personal level. Customer service is the strength of every business & with the help of social channels, and you can stay connected with your customers for 24*7. The earlier you will address any query, the less your response time will reflect on your business page.

Customers often use social media platforms to enquire with businesses or to complain about services. The reason is that your brand’s reputation will be on stake if you will lose your patience or delay in response. However, it is in your hand whether you like to make it your strength or weakness. By staying available & connected, you can set a benchmark for quality service.

  • Grow your business network:

Social media is not only to expand your reach in the B2C market; rather, you explore B2B networks as well. By joining the community groups, closed marketing & selling groups, you can connect with the other business & increase your network. If you are a manufacturer, you may find profitable deals to wholesale buyers to conduct retail business. This will definitely improve your overall sales.

The ease of usage of social media platforms makes them choose businesses and people to promote easy & streamlined interaction. The change in trend is welcoming the business version & features of social media platforms to benefit businesses. Such ideas are taking the customer experience to the next level & bridging the gap between customers & business. If you haven’t planned your marketing strategies by now, it’s high time to work on it & strengthen your brand.

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