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Ecommerce may or may not be the best topic of interest for all of our readers, but smartphones definitely are.

Believe it or not, you are immensely in love with your smart devices and especially your smartphones.

Isn’t your mobile the first thing you check every morning and the last thing you end your day with?

Of course, we all do this. And, scrolling the social feeds is like a pre-sleeping ritual now.

When you are working, the smartphones are there to connect you with your colleagues and clients. When you are bored, you take the way towards your smartphones. If you are frustrated or angry, you check for the videos, memes, and to send those long messages. When you are traveling, you connect with the headset or earphones to accompany you with the songs. As soon as you see something unique, you take your phone out of the pocket to click those fancy images.

In short, living without your loved ones for a few days won’t be a biggie, but even the thought of living without your smartphone makes you go crazy.

You probably are laughing at it and find it so relatable. But, that’s the dependability of our generation on smartphones and other mobile devices. How can we forget mentioning the regular habit of checking the price of every product by simply putting our queries on Google?

From a standard size smartphone to iPad sized devices, we have all of them available with us. With the account sync features, it is effortless for you to choose the device of your preference and continue your existing tasks on the other. So, even if you are exploring products on your laptop, you can get the links available on your mobile device and complete your conversion cycle from there. This change in the habit of using devices and increasing dependability on technology is one of the primary reasons behind the popularity of m-commerce.

The count of smartphone users is growing algorithmically across the globe. As per Statista’s global report, we will be having 3.8 billions of smartphone users by 2021. Highlighting the fact here, this will be the count of smartphone users and not that of the devices that each of them owns. The stats can give you an idea that m-commerce is the future of ecommerce.

Now that you are convinced that m-commerce is transforming the ways of business conduction let us give you more reasons to concentrate on your customers’ mobile experience.

  • Thrive your competition with mobile experience:

At present, 51.53% of website traffic across the globe comes from mobile devices. This percentage share of mobile traffic is consistent since 2017. Your potential customers can come to your website from any device. You might have updated certain products on your social handles, and a click will take them to the website. Suppose your website isn’t responsive for mobile devices. In that case, the customers will leave instantly and search for other businesses offering similar products. Even when most of the theme layout promise to be responsive across multiple devices, you must not miss checking its compatibility. With flawless experience on your ecommerce site on mobile devices, you can thrive your competitors.

  • Personalization with m-commerce:

Personalization with m-commerce
Ecommerce companies are working hard on the personalization of customer experience. The mobile technology, with a blend of trending technologies, can actually bring revolutionary changes. The excessive use of mobile devices of everyone out there gives you access to a lot of data that offer insights about user demographics. The better you know your potential users and customers, the easier it will be for you to give them personalized shopping suggestions.

Let’s say you own a business like Lenskart and want your customers to check for the right type of frame by scanning their faces. Updating the left profile, right profile, and the front view can be really critical while shopping with the desktop, but access to the camera on the mobile app can make this option trouble-free and more accessible to the shoppers.

  • M-commerce for retail:

Retailers across the globe have a problem with this recent shift in the market. Several merchants of brick and mortar stores claim that they aren’t getting the type of business they have been doing for so many years. When you can’t change this change, it is better to adapt and update your strategies. The retail businesses are turning their stores to click-to-connect stores. The physical retail outlets use mobile devices to reach to customers and place their orders directly, rather than coming to the store. M-commerce worked well during this pandemic outbreak, and it definitely changed the perception of traditional merchants towards technology.

You can enable a scan-based checkout system at your store, rather than counting the cash and worrying about your shop’s security. If you own a physical outlet, you can think about how you can leverage technology to add more money in your pocket.

  • Omnichannel Shopping Experience:

Omnichannel Shopping Experience
The long office hours are enough to make you seated in one place, let shopping be not that boring. Since mobile devices are more compatible and easy-to-use, mobile shopping is more convenient. Some of the amazing features like social sharing make shopping a fun game again. What’s better than be at your place and selecting the products of your choice even at midnight with your friends. The omnichannel presence of your business keeps reminding your potential buyers about the products they were searching for. You can use it with Remarketing to improve your store’s conversion rate. Well, your goal is to optimize the user’s shopper experience and bring sales, be it by any source. Mobile devices will help you recollect all those leads you will be losing the other way.

  • Improvise ROI of your business:

A decade ago, when ecommerce came into the market, it was only accessible on desktop devices. You need to explore the web for various products, and people use to be picky about the products to be ordered. The lack of trust in online shopping and Internet transactions was the primary reason behind it. The scenarios changed a lot in all these years. With the advent of mobile devices, now online shopping is accessible even to those people who have an almost negligible understanding of technology. Many of us keep scrolling the shopping apps, even when there is no intention to buy something. If you find a good deal, you won’t hesitate to place the order without second thoughts. This new pattern of shopping adds more expenditure on shopping. With a mobile app, you can increase more chances of grabbing your customer’s attention. It will positively affect the ROI of your business.

We are here to help you crack this code of business growth with your brand’s mobile app. Don’t worry about the additional cost of development. You can register your business to design your store and mobile app in the same investment. Register now and try designing your app on your own for free, in your trial period. For more queries, please write to us at support@builderfly.com.

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