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Being a business owner, you have several things on your head, but the improvement of customer experience is above everything. The ecommerce giants like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and several others can make their name in the market because of their end-user services. Amazon is always known for its customer-centric policies, and that’s how it turned everyone’s beloved.

Well, turning your business into a brand is not that easy, but making your web store user friendly can be!

Let your website speak to your customers about your products and services. Are you wondering how your website can do it? Don’t worry; you simply have to listen to your audience. We know you are keen to get the ways to make your website user-friendly. But, before moving ahead, you must know the basics about it.

What is user-friendliness in terms of the website?

The user-friendly website is the art of designing a site in the user-understandable format. When you want it fancy, you must make the layout of your website equally appealing to your customers. The layout of your store must be designed as per the reviews received. It doesn’t mean that you have to listen to everything and ignore the standards. But, it implies that you have to find the best way to optimize the layout of your website as per the usability of the website.

Don’t confuse your customers with the features and functionalities offered. From visuals to the functionalities that you like to add to your store, be cautious about the selection and implementation strategies. Your ultimate goal is to offer a flawless experience to your users and end-customers.

How can you make your website user friendly?

In order to make your website user-friendly, you can try below tricks :

  • Enable searchability: Users don’t like to read all the content that you have mentioned on your site. They love to get the precise results for each of their search queries. Unlike regular websites, ecommerce websites have a lot many pages. If you don’t enable the product search option on your website, you better be ready to lose a significant count of customers. By enabling searchability, you make it easier for the visitors to search for the product they are looking for. This will grow the chances of conversion from your online store.
  • Trouble-free navigation: The online stores have categories, sub-categories, and internal variations to list the products in the store. For the easy organization of the products, businesses have to seek for a pattern of product division. For customers, it is equally difficult to find any particular product in the ocean of inventory. The addition of breadcrumb on each of your web pages can be a lot helpful for your customers to navigate through the right product.It not only helps them find the right product but also aids in memorizing the category to which their products belong to. Breadcrumb is mostly given above or below the title tag of that page. However, it is not compulsory to use a similar pattern. You can update the design layout and placement of navigation tabs by performing A/B testing for your website. Your analysis can help you drive better results for your store.
  • Optimize the speed of the website: The loading speed of the website is essential for every business. But, it is crucial for ecommerce sites as your customers will leave the store instantly and buy from your competitor’s website. Do you know that the average load time of the website is less than two seconds? If your site isn’t able to serve these metrics, you will lose a huge chunk of visitors before they turn to your customers. With the help of Google’s Page Speed Insights and speedo metrics, you can track the speed of your website. Also, you will know the reasons behind this delay. Once you are able to figure out the reasons behind it, your next task is to optimize your website’s loading speed. When it comes to optimization of your website’s content, the image optimization and file size optimization can be the initial ideas to count on.
  • Paint the canvas of your website with the right colors: When you are talking about the user-friendly website, you have to think from the perspective of the end-user. Review your ecommerce store as a customer and ask yourself if the colors of your existing theme are pleasing you. Jot down the points about the updates that you like to make on your ecommerce site. Research the color psychology in-depth, to implement it appropriately.
  • Update your CTAs: The website is nothing without ecommerce call-to-action(CTA) buttons. Do you know what CTAs are for? Well, they are to help you navigate your customers to the section of your website where the conversion can take place. Let us tell you that the conversion is not always relating to monetary benefits. But, they are more like your end-goals. CTAs are meant to take your traffic to those web pages that can lead to the attainment of the end goal. For your ecommerce store, it is mostly about hitting monetary goals.By updating the CTA, we not only mean to add CTA buttons to take the end goal. Rather, it is about the placement of CTA buttons on your website that can improve the rate of conversion. It’s always advisable to add CTA in the above-the-fold region of the website. You can add banners and enable scroll to add multiple CTAs and news there. When you add a redirect link to the CTA button, do mention if the following page must be opened in the fresh tab or a similar tab. If a customer has to refer to an existing page, you should select an option to open the webpage in the next tab.
  • Enable social sharing: People love to shop in groups of their friends, family, and relatives. That’s the key reason behind everyone’s love for shopping. If you keep that feeling unison alive, people will love to shop from their online stores as much as they do by buying in physical markets. By enabling social sharing, you make it easy for your customers to share the products of their choice among their groups. On the one hand, the feature is helpful for your customers. On the other hand, it is equally beneficial for your business, as with the increase in the count of product shares, the chances of conversion also increase.You must integrate your social channels with your ecommerce website. It will help your customers find you across the available platforms and trust your identity as a business. Further, you can market across your social handles and increase the chances of your reach in the market.
  • Showcase your best sellers: Updating the product catalog is not enough for conversion. By highlighting your bestseller products on the store, you can improve the chances of conversion. By updating the unique products in the catalog, you can entice your customers and captivate them. With the help of “Bestsellers,” “New arrivals,” “Featured products,” you can highlight the light-weighted and fast-moving products of your catalog. This will help cross-sell and upsell the products of your inventory.
  • Keep your contact page updated: When customers are shopping directly from your ecommerce store, they trust your products and services without actually checking them. To keep their trust intact, you need to keep your contact page updated. 51% of customers are known to not connect with the business, which has unoptimized contact pages. We know that you want to bring the traction to your store, but don’t try to make it look extraordinarily different. Keep it simple and subtle.For the ease of visitors, we recommend you integrate Google maps to help your customers find you easily. For personalized customer inquiries, keep a distinct form that pops up when required. You can add the link or pop-up to that form also on the contact page. You can add the means of communication that you are enabling for your customers. We recommend you add an email address, phone number, alternative contact number, and the physical location of your store.
  • Ameliorate your customer service: The customer service that you are offering to your end-user is meant for your customers and prospective customers. That’s why it must be easily reachable by them. You can enable live chat support on your ecommerce store to guide your converting customers to the proper checkout process. You can enable mail support or telephonic support to handle customer issues and concerns. The post-deployment services for the products sold from your store are as crucial as the pre-order services. By enabling different modes of customer services, you can engage your customers and build a distinct connection with them.

This is all you can do to make your brand stand in the market. However, your responsibility will not end here. There are countless ways to please your customers and upgrade their customer experience. These are just some design related tactics that can make it easier for you to connect with the users. But, you can not just stick to these. Keep trying the tactics that can improve the user-friendliness of your site. Not all the ideas will work, but you can opt for A/B testing and select the most suitable option to make your website more interactive. For free ecommerce consultation with the experts, you can write to us on support@builderfly.com.

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