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Adding domains

Adding a domain to Builderfly

When you purchase a domain through Builderfly, it is consequently configured to work with your primary domain. As a matter of course, your primary domain looks like examplestore.mybuilderfly.com. If you need a custom URL for your Builderfly store, for example, www.example.com, at that point you can add one to your online store. You can add a custom domain to Builderfly in two different ways:

  • If you don’t claim a custom domain effectively, at that point you can buy a domain from Builderfly.
  • If you effectively claim a custom domain, at that point you can utilize a domain that you officially own, either by associating it to your online store, or by transferring the executives of the domain to Builderfly.

In this section,

  • Buying a domain
  • Using a third-party domain
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