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Know Our Pricing Plans

Builderfly’s pricing plans are designed keeping in mind the businesses ranging from startups to enterprises. You can get started for free with Builderfly Starter plan and upgrade later with Popular or Growth plans as per the requirement of your business.

You are free to switch your plans as per your convenience. Learn more about Pricing and features to compare and decide the suitable plan.

On this page more you find about: 

Transaction Fees

On Builderfly, you will be liable to pay a small amount of transaction fees as per your business plan. The Starter plan users are charged 3% of transaction fees. If you are a Popular plan user will be liable to pay 2% of the total order value. Being a Growth plan user, you can enjoy discounted rates of 1% transaction fees only. There is no bar on the net sales on either of your Builderfly business plans.

Currency of Transaction 

Builderfly provides a Starter, Popular and Growth pricing plan for your business. You may be charged monthly or annually based upon your choice. You will be charged in INR if your business is based in India, else you will be charged in US dollars.

Charged Price

If you chose a monthly payment cycle your subscription charge will be deducted every month from the payment mode you have opted for. Your chosen business plan will be mentioned in your monthly invoice for your reference.

In case, you chose to sign up with an annual subscription, you will be offered a discounted rate. However, you have to pay that bill in a single payment, there won’t be any installments or any quarterly plans. Note: If you cancel your subscription after the payment, charges won’t get refunded. To know more, check Builderfly’s terms and conditions.

Payment Providers

Builderfly has integration with the third party payment gateways that enable secure and trouble-free payment from your customers to your Builderfly account. Our payment providers enable easy payment to your account. Even our credit card payment providers permit your customers to pay via their credit cards as well.

Billing Cycle

Builderfly follows the payment cycle of the 30-day interval. Your invoice will have details of your chosen pricing plan and charges. We follow the strict billing cycle if you chose the monthly plan. However, you are free to extend to your plan for a year or two or more, and you will be offered discounts accordingly.

We advise you to cancel your plan if you pause/close your store to avoid surplus charges in your billing.

Features of Pricing Plan

Builderfly offers trouble-free access to numerous features that can be responsible for your business growth. Leveraging them you can drive extraordinary business results. Here are distinguishing features that are available for each plan:

  • Starter: Starter plan is a perfect fit for startups, you can take your business online for free. You can learn more about the e-commerce features & get hands-on experience using the platform without any trouble. Moreover, you can sell on Facebook and Google.
  • Popular: When you are ready to grow your business team and like to add more products in your catalog, Popular plan can be a good fit for you.
  • Growth: Grow your business security with custom SSL for free. Launch your mobile app and diversify the reach of your business upgrading with Builderfly Growth Plan. Claim your premium support of Builderfly experts to handle your business queries and offer seamless customer support.
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