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Product details

Make it easier for your customers to find your products by entering the correct product details. You don’t need to provide every detail for each product. For products that don’t have any variants, the Inventory, Pricing and Shipping sections are shown on the product details page. When you’ll add variants, those sections will no longer show on the product.

Title and description

  • Title- The product name as you want your customers to see it.
  • Description- The description for your product. This area uses the rich text editor so that you can format your text. Describe your products in detail to inform and persuade your potential customers.


  • The product images show your customers what the product looks like.


  • Price – The price that you’re charging for the product. You can set the currency on the General settings page. Click Charge taxes on this product if the product is taxable.
  • Cost per item – How much it costs you for the product or. For example, if you’re reselling a product, then you can enter the price that you paid the manufacturer, excluding taxes, shipping, or other costs.


  • SKU (stock keeping unit) – The code that identifies the product within your business. For effective tracking and sales reporting, each SKU needs to be unique.

You can create your own SKU format.

  • Quantity – Number of units in stock. If you are managing your inventory across multiple locations, then you’ll see the quantity for each location.


  • Country of origin – The country where the product was manufactured or assembled. If the product consists of materials from different countries, then the country where it takes its essential form is the country of origin.
  • Fulfillment service – Select a fulfillment service from the list of the ones that you are using.

Search engine listing preview

  • A preview of how your product will be shown in search engine results. Click Edit website to make changes to the preview. The preview consists of the product title, its URL on your online store, and part of the description.


  • Product type – A category for the product that you can use to manage your products.
  • Tags – Tags are searchable keywords that you can link with your product. Tags can help customers find your product through your online store search, and you can also use them to create automated collections.
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