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Key features of Mobile App

Customizable product pages: You can customize the product detail pages for your catalog depending upon the attributes you like to highlight in your detail pages. You can give more attention on the product images, variants, and other attributes required to entice more customers.

Personalize your app: With Builderfly Design Editor you can personalize your mobile app and make it more interactive. Right from the design layout to theme and color you can tweak everything as per your preferences.

Social media integrations: Configure your account with the social media channels and build the trust of your customers on your brand. Keep your channels updated to build the interaction and open up one more way to connect with your audience.

Push notifications: Push your audience to take the action that you want them to take. With the features of push notifications, you can share the message directly and add more chances of improving user interaction on your mobile app, and store. Keep your customers updated about your offerings.

Track your live users: The analytics section of your Builderfly Mobile App help you in live tracking of users on your mobile app. This will make it easier for you to understand the user behavior and gain better knowledge about the user demographics.

Provide live offers: While you are tracking the user activity on your mobile app, you can give live offers to your audience and add more chances of conversion through your store.

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