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Processing Orders

When a customer buys something from your online store or any other sales channel, it appears as a new order in the Orders page of Builderfly.

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  • Typical processing flow for online orders
  • Automate your order processing

What happens when you receive an online order

When you receive an online order:

  • You receive a new order notification by email.
  • The Orders page shows the new order.
  • The customer receives an order confirmation email. ◦ Order processing begins.

Typical processing flow for online orders

Every online order goes through 3 stages. At each stage, a different action is required in Builderfly. You can set up Builderfly to perform these actions automatically, or you can do them manually:

Order state

What you need to do

Order has been placed. Capture payment.
Order has been paid. Fulfill the order.
Order has been fulfilled and paid. Archive the order.

Automate your order processing

If you are selling digital products or using a fulfillment service, then you might want to automate your order processing by turning on the following automations:

  • Automatic order fulfillment, so that your fulfillment service is notified
  • Automatic payment capture, so that your payments are captured at the time of the order.
  • Automatic order archiving, so that your order’s status is set to close.
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