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You may need to charge taxes on your sales, report and remit those taxes to the government. Though tax laws and regulations are complex and can change at any time, Builderfly on behalf of you automatically handles most common sales tax calculations. If you wish, you can also set up tax overrides to address multiple tax laws and situations.

Builderfly uses many regularly updated default sales tax rates. In case, if you’re using the default rates, then you need to confirm that they are current and correct for your particular situation. You can modify
them as and when required.

Builderfly will not be responsible for filing or remitting your sales taxes for you. You will require to register your business with your local or federal tax authority to handle your taxes. Builderfly provides the calculation and reports related to taxes to make things easy for you when it’s time to file and pay your taxes.

We recommend you always check with your local tax authority or a tax accountant to make sure that you’re charging the correct sales tax rates, and you’re filing and remitting the taxes correctly.

There isn’t a formal list of steps to set up your taxes, but you can use the following process as a guide.

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