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Creating marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns are defined sets of activities that promote a product or sale over a specific time through marketing channels like paid advertising, social media, and email campaigns. You can use marketing campaigns to generate brand awareness and drive conversions. You can create marketing campaigns for Google Ads and Facebook Ads from the Marketing page in your admin account.


Make sure that you set a budget before you set up any marketing campaign for paid advertising.
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Building a customer list for email marketing

You can use email marketing to grow your business and build relationships with your customers. Send newsletters to customers who sign up for your mailing list.

Collect email addresses from customers

For legal and privacy reasons, make sure that you send promotional emails only to customers who have agreed to receive marketing from your online store. Customers can accept marketing by adding their email address to sign-up on your online store, or by checking a checkbox in the checkout.

Posting on social media

Posting on social media can be a good way to promote your online store and connect with customers. You can create social media accounts for your business to help build your brand, improve your, and increase traffic to your store. Check out more on,

Sharing blog posts on social media

When you post about your business and products on a blog, you are increasing your online presence. This helps search engines to find your site. If you already have an audience online and want to start selling there, then use the Buy Button sales channel to add your Builderfly products to blog posts on other platforms.

Linking to your social media profiles

If your brand strategy includes social media marketing, then you might want to help customers engage with your business on social media. Some themes come with social media buttons, so you can direct customers to your social media profiles.

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