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Theme for your online store

A theme is a template that determines what designs and design-related features are available to your online store. Different themes offer a unique experience to your customers. For instance, if you are selling beauty products, then you may want your store to feel colorful, luxurious and female-friendly. But, in case if you are selling automobile parts, then you might want your online store to look sleek.

The Builderfly theme marketplace provides multiple ways to refine your search for the perfect theme. You can customize your store theme settings from your Builderfly admin account by using the theme editor section. In case if your theme doesn’t provide a theme change setting then you can simply edit your theme code.

Whenever you’re making a change in your theme or switch to new themes, it won’t affect the other parts of your account. You can play around with different styles and looks without worrying about other things.

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