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Selling services or digital products

When you’re adding a product to your store, you can uncheck the shipping box to show that you are selling a digital product or service instead of a physical product. If you’re selling a digital product, then you’ll also have to use an app to provide a download link to your product.

On this page,

  • Disable shipping for a digital product • Configure email templates

Disable shipping for a digital product


  1. From your Builderfly, go to Products.
  2. From the Products page, select a product or create a product.
  3. In the Shipping section of the product page, uncheck “This is a physical product”.
  4. Click Save.

Configure email templates

Once you have configured a digital product or service, you may require to customize your email templates so that your customers will know what to expect with their order:

  • When selling a digital download, most digital download apps will send an email with a download link to a customer.
  • When selling a service, you’ll need to describe in the email template how the service works to ensure that your customers understand what you provide.
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